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  1. And is a re-installation of the package required for the issue to resolve itself or will it eventually right itself?
  2. I'm experiencing this same exact issue. I've tried upgrading on the fly and this error happens. I've also gone as far as removed all Kaspersky software and install them separately and still get this error on the endpoints. Services are running and no connectivity issues.
  3. Why do you guys still release this product without that as a standard feature? This is ridiculous that your programs cannot update by themselves and have to burden IT departments by having to manually upgrade. Sadly Symantec still has this yet you guys don't.
  4. I am a KES Cloud user and I'd like to know if the current KES 3201 on all of our computers will automatically upgrade to the latest release for us, 6294 or will every machine have to be touched to get this new version?
  5. When will SP2 be released to KES Cloud users? We're still stuck on :angry:
  6. Right. And unfortunately, that's the old one, not the new SP2. And yes, I have figured out a solution to deploy the suite with that. It's just a hassle that the Cloud console has the old version there still.
  7. INC000007633933 And he's right, MR2 goes to MR3, but MR3 will not automatically update to SP2, which is unacceptable. How are cloud users going to upgrade clients?
  8. I've had the toggles are sorts of way, still it's all or nothing.
  9. On a link I was provided the wording says MR2 will automatically update. Then in a ticket I had one tech said the same thing, then came back a short period of time later and said that KES does not automatically upgrade. I find this ridiculous that an A/V suite will not automatically update itself to provide the best functionality and protection.
  10. Yeah, I've done that and it does not work as described.
  11. I found a different way to fully deploy KES with LanSweeper, which is what we use. It doesn't like .exe files, but I figured out a way. I have no way to upgrade, which is my biggest issue I have so far. Being forced to use KSC to upgrade is a huge drag.
  12. So we're trying to setup a policy that block all sites except for a small handful on some kiosks, the only problem is that we can't get it to work. It either blocks all or allows me to block one site at a time. The portal talks about an exception list, but that is nowhere to be found on the cloud portal. I hope this isn't another one of those, only fully functional in KSC things....
  13. We user KES Cloud and I've been seeing a lot of talk about SP2 being released recently but my distribution package only shows the old one, when will that get updated? Also, for us Cloud users, do we have to update each desktop manually to SP2 or will it upgrade on it's own? I've been reading conflicting info.
  14. Thanks. I figured out a different way to do it. Though it's a shame that KES cannot upgrade versions on it's own without using KSC. Seems kinda of limited when using the Cloud version, Symantec has no problem doing this.
  15. Thanks, but that isn't really a solution for a business deployment. To push it via GPO or whatever one needs an MSI file. Having to physically touch 200+ computers isn't a realistic option. If there was a way to get the .key file I could use the latest release, but that's nowhere to be found and your info on that is very vague at best.
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