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  1. Solved using the kvremover: https://support.kaspersky.com/us/common/uninstall/1464
  2. Hi, I got an error while installing the exported stand-alone installer on Windows 10 Home. It install the Network Agent, check KSC connecting and fails the KES installation. The Install log says something like: I run the exported stand-alone with elevated permissions Thanks, Oliver
  3. Thanks for solving my issue in the other topic! I would sent kudos if I could.
  4. Thanks Kirill, Its nice to know there is a solution to delete data in an official and supported way. I want to delete all updates and all logs in order to free space in the data base file. Will contact Kaspersky in order to obtain that script. Regards, Oliver This issue is solved, how do I mark this question as resolved?
  5. I just wanted to reduce the size of the MS SQL 2012 R2 Express database. It reached 10GB and maybe deleting some windows updates will do it. But it seems there is no way to reduce the database size in KSC by deleting stuff (logs, windows updates files, quarantine). Its KSC 10 latest version.
  6. Don't want to duplicate effort, I have my own thread, I was just getting more info here. https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/401062-solving-the-10gb-limit-reached-with-mssql-in-ksc/&tab=comments#comment-2825015
  7. In my case is "due to license limitation", I use MS SQL 2012 R2 Express.
  8. Hi, I have a KSC with MSSQL as DB backend and it just reached the 10GB free limit. What are my options in order to free space? The issue is with the Windows Update downloads. I tried deleting them but the task never finish, already waited 24hours. Maybe it can not delete because of those 10GB limit. Should I connect to the BD and manually delete some rows? What are my options? Many thanks Oliver
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