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  1. Dear All , I am Kaspersky portal partner member. For last 3 months i am studying Kaspersky and passed 1st and 2nd exam then i appeared in System Engineer and Encrypation and both are fail three time and now they block me . Please guide me what should i do now.
  2. rehanink

    Protection is off Error

    After start Forced synchronization still it give me that error. screen shot is attached.
  3. rehanink

    Protection is off Error

    Versions 10.3.407
  4. I have to one server with operating system window server 2012 r2 Data Center. the network agent and Kaspersky endpoint security install successfully the key task is OK and also install update is working but still protection is failure. Snapshot is also attached
  5. rehanink

    High CPU utilization

    hello The Product version is Version 10.3.407.0
  6. rehanink

    High CPU utilization

    Hello Please find the klnagchk report of the effected machine
  7. rehanink

    High CPU utilization

    Hi This kind of problem we are facing as well database corrupted types of problems are in majority cases kindly look into this
  8. Hello Members i am going to deploy kaspersky Security center in bank. The bank have branches in all over the country some on the places are mountains area where banks are connected with wireless so how we deploy kaspersky remotely and the 2nd point is that the we have distributed area like we have main head office then we have branches in different provinces and then small branches like tertiary offices please guide me for hierarchy. and how we deploy in banks.
  9. Dear Members I already block USB in my network from Kaspersky Security Center, But i want if trusted user attached USB so Endpoint ask for password . if their are any possibility Please guide me about it .
  10. rehanink

    User permission

    Dear In my network i have different subnet and every subnet is used for different Group . Now i want to install administration console for every group administrator and want to give specific permission to them . Please guide me how i give permission to specific user.
  11. Dear Members when i am going to change in policy and enforce in 50 client machine so the policy enforce but on some client its go to pending state while that client machine are connected with KSC also get ping from both side but the policy will be in pending state and do not go forward.
  12. Dear Members I have installed Kaspersky Security Center by DNS name not KSC IP , and i have different subnet in my network when i create standalone package of Network agent it take the 1st IP of subnet and ignore the other IP so its confuse the system , while i want that if i configure by DNS name why it take IP .
  13. Dear Members I have installed KSC and in policy setting i want to configure Application Privilege control but their in Application Privilege Control no option to show which application are in which categorizes. if their are any option in which different zones which show which application and show in which zone e.g which application is in high restricted or which in Low restricted
  14. Dear Members, I have Kaspersky security center and installed Kaspersky Endpoint security on client machine . we run update task on client machine. One of our client take his laptop to his home and their KES takes update from internet and when he again connect with KSC then that client machine show in KSC but still it take update from internet not from KSC.
  15. Please note that, we are facing below listed issues in our environments,1. Adobe acrobat version 9 and 10 installed on our systems and when we opened the files on these version so kaspersky AV slow down the system and when I checked it my hard disk utilization was 100 % and when we stopped the kaspersky AV its comes to normal position and file opened on Adobe acrobat is also normal.2. We have deleted default task and created our own new tasked on KSC and KES update by the update task which is running on KSC. Now the problem is when the user takeback the laptop at their home so the kaspersky update from kaspersky lab and after that when the user coming back to our company and connected with out LAN so the KES installed in user laptop can not take update from KSC even we restarted laptop many time what we did. 1. We started manual task from KSC but the laptop couldn't take update from KSC.2. We go to laptop properties and choose task tab so there are multiple tasks are running over there even these task are not created on managed computer group task. When we stop the running update task and try to again run our defined task then the laptop take update from KSC.In this case, overall system utilization is near to 100% because as I told you when we checked there are multiple task are running over there without any human intervention. Please resolve the issue with appropriate solution

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