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  1. Sorry for the delay in the answer. Wanted to see the next weekly scan, to see if the issue repeats. It did not. On any of the stations (I had 3 of them that did the same earlier). Looks like it was a momentary hiccup. Regarding your questions, the computer status changes in KSC to yellow, with "Virus scan has not been performed for a long time" message. Didn't try the local task. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Thank you for your prompt reply. No, the user is not administrator on the computer and the policy doesn't allow the users to do anything on the client. I foresee the issue. The scan starts at 4:30AM. The "protection components are disabled" event is at 07:03AM and the "Task stopped" at 07:09AM. Before people arrive. Any ideas how can I check what components were disabled and how? TIA.
  3. I have set a weekly virus scan for employee's computers. Every week I have few computers that the task ends in error and with "Task Stopped" description. Not always the same computers, although few of them are already with the "Virus Scan has not been performed for a long time". How do I solve the issue? And is it something that should bother me at all? Server: KSE 10 SP1MR2 Client: Windows10, NA: 10.2.434, AV: Attached is one of those computers from the last scan. Thank you in advance for your assistance.