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  1. please state the exact builds of KSC server and agents ? I already stated that I was using Security Center 10 and that they clients were running Windows, which would indicate they are running Endpoint Security 10 for Windows. Is the service pack and EXACT version number really relevant? I'm guessing not. What kind of "unusable" ? Please be more specific. I am not asking for help getting it working again, so I don't see how this is relevant. If you must know, the windows service for the server keeps stopping. This is after already experiencing other issues with performance such as tasks not running at the times specified and the server refusing to sync with the clients. Stating clients are up to date when their databases are out of date and not showing them as needing a scan when they are long overdue, etc. Again, I made it clear I just want a fresh start. Do you backup copies of KSC server ? I already stated exactly what I have backed up. Why on earth would I back up a server that is clearly not functioning properly? If I wanted to restore the server I would just restore the entire VM which I have stated that I have already done.
  2. After having to do a recovery of the Administration Server VM, I am experiencing troubles that make the admin server unusable at this time. I have already put more time than I would have liked into getting it functional again, and at this point I think I would much rather just wipe Kaspersky from the system and do a clean install. I already have backups of my keys, policies, and tasks. I don't mind the few minutes it will take to set the groups back up again. My only concern is the 50+ systems that the client is already installed and running on. I have NO desire to have to reinstall on each of them because for some reason they wont recognize the new Administration Server. Is there anything more I need to do in order to make sure this goes smoothly, or once I have a fresh install of the Admin Server (Security Center 10), will it recognize that the client computers already have the software installed and take control of them as intended? Again, I intend to remove ALL TRACES of Kaspersky and do a completely fresh install. Thank you in advance for any help/insight.
  3. No, the machine is not off. I was actively using it at the times I have been trying to initiate this task. That setting was only checked as an additional measure after it was failing to run. I have already referred to the page you mentioned regarding finding the trace files. As I said, I cannot find them by windows search, or the location they are supposedly supposed to be...
  4. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but I'm having trouble finding the location of the trace files. I've enabled trace logging and was able to retrieve $klnagent-1103, however the other two I am not able to find via search or manually. From what I can find online, they seem to typically reside in a Programs Files directory that I do not have. The only two folders I have for Kaspersky on the VM we have our administration server installed on are "Kaspersky Security Center" and "Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows SP1". Something online told me that the files should be located in a program files directory for "Kaspersky Administration Kit", but I do not have that directory.
  5. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced Administration Server: Windows 7 Pro Kaspersky Security Center Version: 10.3.407 Clients: Windows 7 Pro Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 2 for Windows (mr3) Network Agent 10.3.407 installed and running. A task was created to fix vulnerabilities (after running a find vulnerabilities and updates task). All of the available patches were added to the task, and it was set to run manually. No task delay set. Upon clicking "start" it shows affected clients as being "scheduled" but never goes beyond that. * I tried removing all but just one client computer (my own) from the list, but still nada. * I then removed all patches from the task except for the ones required for that specific system. It still refuses to run. * The client is connected to the administration server, that is not the issue. * I have rebooted both the administration server and the client. * I have deleted and re-created the task. * I've set the task to run at a specific time.. still nothing. We have many systems with quite a few critical vulnerabilities and it is very important that we get this task running properly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Would be really helpful to have a way to print or at least view all details of a policy, even if its 10 pages long or has a ridiculous scroll bar.
  7. New user here installing kaspersky on a test batch of workstations and servers on our network. I have made a layout of how we would like our systems organized into groups, but have run into a possible flaw. There are a few users who will need to inherit policies from more than one group (e.g. one person may need to have program exceptions and open ports from the Business Systems, DAC, and Marketing groups). I know I cannot have the same computer in multiple groups, but is there a way to apply policies to individual systems rather than an entire group, and can I apply multiple policies to the same system to achieve the result I am looking for? Servers ---- Windows ---- Linux Workstations ---- Customer Service ---- Engineering ---- Business Systems ---- Office ---- DAC ---- Marketing ---- Production ---- Shipping Laptops ---- Laptops – Business Systems ---- Laptops – Other
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