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  1. No problem at all - I misinterpreted the OP message. FYI I'm running KIS (forever being updated of-course) and have had no KIS reports for my frequent recent accesses to Santander, Halifax, Lloyds. Interesting though.
  2. If it's not Kaspersky, what's generating your message? In the OP it looks like a chrome message.
  3. Thanks. Specifiying avp.exe as a delayed start service fixed the problem (as far as I'm concerned). Client may come back to me as required.
  4. Idea. You said there's no problem if you disable Kaspersky. Change Kaspersky service avp.exe service to start delayed (have to do this in safe mode). This may be affecting windows update starting up.
  5. Avp.exe won't start during win7pro startup. Work around is to change startup type to delayed in Services. My guess is some dependencies are needed for starting this service.
  6. Digging into this further... KIS 2017 won't startup under Windows7 Professional SP1. (One of the services locks up startup; not sure if its KIS service or Bridge service; if I start up KIS manually the UI hangs); Saw a message "avpui is incompatible"; not sure if this is a Net Framework issue or amd64 or Catalyst software issue ?! Customer wants his laptop back.
  7. Tried KAV, KIS and KIS v2018; all install ok but after reboot either black screen with cursor or Desktop with lockup where KIS is "loading". This is Win7 SP1 on a Thinkpad T420s; customer reported problems with "multiple KIS tabs on the bottom line" whatever that means; Windows 7 build looks ok. Had to check that NET Framework updates were ok; date of computer is fine; Activation code was "out of date" (customer has renewed this year) so using trial versions. We either have to forget Kaspersky or reinstall Windows7 which I will defer to the customer.
  8. 1. Problem with KIS 17.0.0.??? Sticks "on loading" at startup; cannot do anything - have to reboot to safe mode; Date and SP1 have been checked. Not sure what's going on. 2. When I have got it running the activation code (yes, its paid for) says "out of date"; reboot back to 1.
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