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  1. The status has now changed to 'apply policy'. It took approximately 30 mins before it changed. please close this request.
  2. Hello We are running KSC SP2 MR1 and KES SP2 with Kaspersky FDE. I have a Win7 machine that is decrypting, on the KSC the Encryption status is showing as 'Complies with policy'. Should the status be reporting 'Applying policy' ? i.e the machine is decrypting. I've attached a screenshot. swiftit
  3. Thanks Kirill So the klvfs.sys error specifically relates to encryption? swiftit
  4. Hi Kirill No encryption is being used on these laptops. swiftit
  5. Hello We are experiencing a BSOD error, referencing klvfs.sys file, when installing KES10 SP1 MR3 on to a W10x64 Pro Build 15063 - the laptop model is a HP ProBook 430 G4. I have attached a screenshot of the error. This has occurred on 5 laptops so far. Any suggestions to stop this happening? swiftit
  6. I can log back on now. At the time I was setting up the admin server backup task. I set a weekly schedule starting @ 5 am. The backup task must have started immediately hence i lost connection to the KSC. this ticket may be archived. swiftit
  7. Hello I have installed KSC10 SP2 MR1 to a new server. Today I was logged into the KSC admin console, working on creating a new task when a message popped up saying that i had lost connection to the server. I clicked OK on the message and the console crashed out. When i tried to open the KSC console again it will not connect. I have restarted the server, the Kaspersky services have started etc. I have uploaded a screenshot. Not sure what to try next...... Regards swiftit
  8. Is there recorded either on the Kaspersky Security Console or the Kaspersky Endpoint client the version of the AV database definitions files and the date they were installed on the KES client? Also when do Kaspersky release the AV database definitions? Is there a set time of day? SwiftIT
  9. 1C

    One of our overseas offices uses 1C for some reason KES SP1 MR3 is blocking the access to the 1C client. The office has two different versions of the 1C client they are using: "C:\Program Files\1C77_1\BIN\1cv7.exe" "C:\Program Files\1cv8\common\1cestart.exe” i have added both paths to the trusted applications on the KSC policy. Is there anything else I need to be looking at to make 1C and KES SP1 MR3 work together. TIA swiftit
  10. Hi Nikolay The various Windows 7 clients are running different KES 10 versions, all are FDE encrypted. Our KSC version is 10.2.434 And before you ask I have been informed by Kaspersky UK that in order to upgrade to the latest KSC version the recommended method is to first decrypt all of the client and then upgrade KSC. We have over 200 FDE clients spread out geographically worldwide so this is no easy task. swiftit
  11. Yes that is correct Nikolay. swiftit
  12. Hello I've just had some feedback from my local IT, after unselecting the option "Scan executable files for vulnerabilities when starting them" the computers are still exhibiting high RAM usage and hard disk paging. Is there anything else I can try? swiftit
  13. Thanks for replying. Yes the option...'Scan executable files for............' was checked on the NA policy. I have now unchecked this - I will post a message again if this has helped / or not. swiftit
  14. Hello We have 6 x Windows 7 SP1 64bit clients running various version of KES10 namely,, and with a NA version of 10.2.434 All the client are encrypted using FDE which is why there are different versions. The issue is that on a daily basis the client become unusable i.e. unresponsive. We checked task manager and the disk activity is 100% and we think it is caused by the vapm.exe service. A restart clears the issue but it is not a permanent fix. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Regards swiftit
  15. Thanks Dmitry I shall be using a third party product, Ghost, to image rather than using Kaspersky Security Centre. Is there a KB article for this scenario? SwiftIT