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  1. I'm sure I've done as above and the folders/files done as told by Malwarebytes to stop this tripping of 'Real-Time Protection turned off' with MB3.3. As its happened again, but if I restart the Laptop as some suggest. All is OK till the next time...........
  2. Thanks guys, I run the two as I;ve found one stops one thing and the other does the same, but never together. So there must be different standards.
  3. Sorry to Hijack this posting, I have MB 3.3 and KIS 2017 and been suggested by Malwarebytes to add certain items to be excluded. I have no problems listing the ****.exe files. But cannot add to the exclusions the files from the system32/drivers/. No matter how I try copy and paste from Windows/System32/drivers to the Exclusions in Kaspersky, cannot be done. Anyone could they show how or a link showing how to do it. Strange though, having Kaspersky for some 6 months and Malwarebytes for 2 years, nothing has caused any problems until MB3 came out.
  4. Thanks, Did as suggested and all appears to be as before with Defender using Chrome. But doing this, does it lower the protection lower than that of Defender. The other question I have, why does the icon in the taskbar keep flashing intermittently at anytime. thanks again
  5. Recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 in place of Win10 Defender. I installed this as the media recommended it being superior to Defender and whilst I had no issues with Windows AV etc. But with Kaspersky, its hit and miss with certain web pages using Chrome especially Facebook where its slow in response to scroll the page and similar on some other websites. If I turn KIS off and switch Defender back on, all is fine again. Any tips what might be causing this issue. thanks