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  1. Hello @Dmitry Parshutin Sorry as I don't know russian language that's why I wrote above 'Цитата' , Thank you for the reply.
  2. Hello Цитата, Thank you for the reply.
  3. Dear @Nikolay Arinchev Though the KSC version is 10.5.1781.0a But it will be helpful from which KSC version supports direct upgrade to KSC Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  4. Dear @Nikolay Arinchev Always happy to have your reply. So I have to connect the HDD to a laptop which has the old KES with Encryption On. From that I have to use decryptor tool and decrypt that HDD. Lastly I have to connect this HDD to a laptop where NEW KES is running! Are saying so? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  5. Hello everybody, From how oldest KSC can be directly upgraded to latest KSC And please is there any help article about KSC safe Upgrade? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  6. Hello @Ivan.Ponomarev I did not get what you wanted to say
  7. Hello @Ivan.Ponomarev Running KSC version 10.5.1781.0a Running KES version 11, 10 MR1, 10 MR2
  8. Hello everybody, There are lots of notifications or events are showing on the Unprocessed Objects section. How to do schedule deletion of Unprocessed Objects from KSC? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  9. Hello @Konstantin Antonov File from those laptops can't be read into another pc.
  10. Hello @Nikolay Arinchev Thanks for your reply. So without OLD KSC, It's not possible to decrypt the Data of those Laptops. Those Laptops can be accessible. but if i back up those data from the Laptop to other PCs those will not work. So i need to decrypt those data first. So the main matter is, OLD KSC is the only one way?? @Deadlock4400
  11. Hello @Konstantin Antonov Thank you for your concern. 1. The Old KSC has been destroyed, no database back up is available. 2. Yes, we can access those laptops which has KSC with Encryption module ON. 3. Now We have new KSC with same IP and same license. So if i move the Laptop agent to new KSC and after sync, will this process also sync encryption module with the newer KSC encryption module? if this one is work, then i can do decryption also on those laptop. I hope you understand my saying. Thanks in Advance
  12. Hello @Dmitry Parshutin As the old KSC server crashed, unable to save the KSC database back up. But new KSC has the same IP and same license. Will those laptop with Kaspersky Encryption will be sync with new KSC including older encryption key?
  13. Hello everybody, The Old KSC is being crashed and with the same IP new KSC is being built and old most of the client PCs are being transferred to the new KSC and everything is running well. Problem is few laptops had kaspersky encryption. As old KSC is crashed, should we join those laptops to new KSC and going to have encryption key which will work well with the new KSC? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  14. Hello @Ivan.Ponomarev The problem is solved by making another KSC but didn't able to troubleshoot the older one. The Older KSC was installed first time properly then it was uninstalled leaving the MS SQL not uninstalled. So there was a instance for old KSC which was same IP and the 2nd old one. So while first KSC was uninstalled and again KSC was installed, i guess the situation on MS SQL same instance with a deadlock action like if i make a task for update then the update task can not be performed as double task has be initiate into MS SQL and there might be a deadlock task which can not be performed...may be. Can you imagine and say anything deep about it? By the way, this problem is marked as solved. Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
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