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  1. Dear Shevaran; this is a good news if it works that way. however , can you describe a little bit how you did that . for example in Firewall IPS (hardware device ) or the Operating system firewall itself or if it is on the hardware firewall , what iP or port did you exclude on your firewall related to Kaspersky , this is important information not only for me , but for the whole group members Your fast response is appreciated dawit
  2. Hi ; i think this is the kind of firewall problem preventing the update from your ISP side , if you can just use any VPN application you can see that the updates will be successfully downloaded to the repository Let me know the result
  3. Guys ; Is that ok to know the reason why this happened , This is important information for Management Team .Please advise Regards
  4. is that secure to send the license in private message, please confirm and I will send it right now
  5. I have sent an email to the user mentioned, please confirm!!
  6. Guys ; We Deployed Kaspersky Endpoint security 10 for Business and tested the license on the security center and endpoint security on workstation and was working fine . The server where Kaspersky security center installed was failed for some reason ( poersupply , Motherboard or Processor ) and we couldn't manage to fix the Hardware problem . Now we Deployed the Security center server on some other different server and reconfigured all the settings. However when we push the license to workstations where endpoint installed , the workstations shows that the the Key XXXXX is Blocked as shown in the attached image. this therefore to request if there is any solution to such kind of problems as our organization is not safe in protecting any Viral issues Any Request is Appreciated
  7. First of all i want to thank your for your prompt Response on the issues i faced regarding the KSC update Problem 1-KSC Version 10.3.407, which i dont think the utility can download the same version as mine any other options dear!!!!!
  8. Guys ; i have deployed Kaspersky Security center 10 in the infastructure where there is good internet connection. However , when updating the Repository using a direct interenet connection ( no proxy) the update goes to 80 % and gives the following error 1- Remote side has terminated the connection (update server or proxy server) 'http://dnl-03.geo.kaspersky.com/' 2-Updates source selected 'http://dnl-17.geo.kaspersky.com/' (KL) and finally it wont give any update in the update container within the Repository in KSC , your advice or help is very important regards
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