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  1. I uninstalled KART. I can't upload CGI report file. When I upload file I get "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" message.
  2. Hi I installed KART and restart PC. When windows started I found that my Avira system tray icon application (avgnt.exe) can not recognize Real-time and web protection services while both services were running.(Pic 01)(Avira Internet Security I uninstalled KART (I had some problems but solved with new version of Kaspersky products remover) and restarted PC. Avira worked correctly.(Pic 02) I reinstalled KART and problem appeared again. I opened Avira main window (avcenter.exe) that you can see it in "Pic 03". KART log files (recommended option) added. AntiRansom.
  3. Hello I download it and it is not damaged. It is RAR5 and has a 5% Recovery Record for repairing.
  4. Hello Dmitry :angry2: I can not record video while my CPU usage is near 100% :ai: . So I take screenshots from important events.(Uploading in forum is another problem) I installed KART again :ao: and enabled tracing on recommend level. I opened Firefox 50.1 without any pages. At the beginning, Firefox used 393MB of memory and KART used near 0% of CPU. (picture: 01) I disabled Image loading and opened lots of pages. Firefox used 842MB of memory and KART used 0.73% of CPU. (picture: 02) I enabled Image loading and reloaded a few pages. Firefox used 1.82GB of memory and KART used 0.01% of CPU. (picture: 03) Until here KART had not any problems but when I reloaded a few other pages, KART started to use CPU about 90% :ak: , Firefox used 1.88GB of memory and CPU usage reached 100%.(picture: 04) I closed Firefox but KART still was there and used all CPU time :ireful3: .(picture: 05) After some minutes I disabled tracing (it's log file size was near 80MB ). I started Getsysteminfo6.1 and after 2 hours finished :dash2: .(read again: TWO HOURS)(Program showed me, it need 10 minutes.) I opened "Services" and the KART status was "Started".(picture: 10) I closed KART in system tray by click on "Exit" option.(picture: 11) I refreshed "Services" and the KART status changed to "Stopping" and CPU usage was 100% until I restarted my computer(forced to close KART).(picture: 12) Logs and GSI report download links: AntiRansom. GSI6_USER1-PC_USER1_01_15_2017_12_09_36.zip If any files was uploaded incorrectly, post here to upload it again.
  5. I had one problem with "anti-ransom.exe" service. I posted it here. But no one replied or tried to fix it. I removed KART and waiting for next version.
  6. This problem happened multiple times again :dash1: . It seems that nobody here want to solve this problem :aa: . no reply :angry: . no attachment download . I uninstalled KART by kaspersky products remover :bs: .
  7. Hi I started using KART 2 days ago. I have Avira IS and Webroot SA installed on windows 7 sp1. When I open lot's of Firefox pages, KART service (anti-ransom.exe) start using CPU about %50-%100. In system tray I clicked on close and anti-ransome-gui.exe will closed. But when i looked at services (computer management), KART service (anti-ransom.exe) changed from Running to Stopping status and never stopped. Error log Attached.AntiRansom.
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