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  1. Chrome Tried again just now and it did work! Thanks!
  2. Thanks! What's the GSI? I clicked the link and got a blank page? May have it fixed for now anyway. The last time I restarted the laptop, it finally did run windows but it took 15-20 Minutes. Hard to tell yet but it seems the problems with the AV may be gone. They were probably caused by the secure connection program. The Secure Connection program is still listed in the Apps, but I'm not going to mess with it again!
  3. I've been having problems with Kaspersy AV and intended to uninstall and re-install. However, I thought I would remove the Secure connection program first. As soon as I installed it. I wished I hadn't. So today I went through the normal uninstall via the Apps page in settings. The uninstall seemed to progress normally until the progress bar got to the end where it sat for over 10 minutes. "Please Wait" it said. I clicked the cancel button and nothing happened. The X did nothing. Got tired of waiting so I used Task Manager to end the installer. I restarted the computer. It boots and gets to the windows sign-in screen, but when I sign in windows will not start. I get a whirlygig for forever. I can boot into Safe Mode. So is there a program or procedure I can use in safe mode to get rid of Kaspersky completely, and fix whatever it messed up with the botched uninstall? Thanks Computer is an ASUS ROG (2012) Laptop with Windows 10 v 1607
  4. Awhile back I clicked "restore hidden notifications" in the KAV control panel, so now I get notified every time the thing updates. The only option I see now is to "Notify about events", but I don't think I want to uncheck that do I? I do want to be notified of possible threats or errors, I just don't need to see all the updates. Windows 10 Kaspersky Anti-virus 2017 Thanks!
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