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  1. Would like to ask for a new fetaure. it would be not problem making it for your coders, but would mean a lot. To show number of all passwords in KPM, or at least under mykaspersky site. This way when we import from different sources, or other master password managers, we could easy see if it missed few of them. Can look like trivial problem but actually it is not, it is very big problem. You all have to assume that for best security people tend to delete all passwords from other sources and continue to use only KPM. (what is the point in using KPM and older unsecure sources then). And if KPM importer missed few entries, you can imagine what disaster it would be. So please, just that tiny new option, show total number of passwords in KPM vault. One real life scenario. - Import from KeePass CV file. - KeePass shows say example 304 entries - Imported in KPM - Deleted KeePass, deleted encrypted database, all passwords gone - Continue to use KPM, and realize not all entries from KeePass was imported, just because we do not have some visual indicator how many passwords are in KPM. OK, not the end of the world, as most password can be recovered and made via email. But still, would be nice to have this visual indicator. Also when importing from another source, after first one, we could use simple math to calculate if all entries are imported. And so on. As a matter of fact, just had this real problem here on forum. Some entries were misisng after import and used password recovery for Kaspersky support forum.
  2. Problem is still there: "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". Fast much, much less frequent. It showed again and pausing protection removed error. So it is other browser network scanning, not only encrypted data scanning. (disabled now) I want to ask people here, what are consequences disabling all those options for browsers ? (Do not scan all trafic)
  3. I had this problem and fixed it by this: https://support.kaspersky.com/11444 Just enabled "Do not scan encrypted traffic". There is no need to disable all protection components for browsers. I had to do it for all browsers. But, writing this just to help Kaspersky developers in troubleshooting. - It (ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE ) happened only on few websites I had on only one shared hosting. Maybe few times more in rest of Net, but cannot remember precise. - Happens more often when it is switched to PHP 7.x version. - Non of those websites use encrypted traffic, as I am aware of it. Simple shared hosting. That makes me believe something is not right with Kaspersky Security ( C) Anyway my ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE errors are gone now when browser doesnt check for encrypted traffic. It did not help to disable this option globally, under "Network" settings. It is still enabled and all is OK. Just it needs to be disabled on browser level. I will repeat it again, and let it be question too. I am not aware any of my (WordPress & Drupal) websites on shared hosting (one company) use encrypted data traffic !!?? And, why I have not seen this error more often surfing rest of Net !!??