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  1. Upgrading to KES has made no change to the restarting. Any Hyper-V VMs on our Server 2019 host with KES restart within seconds of booting in an endless cycle. I am also unable to get any GSI reports from the VM as the restarts happen almost immediately. Is there a way to determine exactly what is it within Endpoint that is causing the restart?
  2. Given that the message claims to be 'Powered by Hotspot Shield', uninstall Hotspot Shield.
  3. Thanks, I'll put in a support request.
  4. For the KES11 Windows 10 VM on Hyper-V 2019 fix.
  5. Is there an ETA for KES 11 on Windows 10?
  6. Thanks, I've run the updates on the installation package and downloaded the KSC10_KES11.zip from the plug-in centre however the version number is still showing as Is there a way to manually download the patch? Regards
  7. Hi, We have recently upgraded a Hyper-V host server to Windows Server 2019, 2 VMs were migrated from a Server 2016 Standard host with KES 11 and began restarting repeatedly. We determined this was Kaspersky Endpoint and after KES 11 was uninstalled the problem was resolved. Windows event viewer only states that power was lost. 2 new VMs were created, one Windows 10 and one Windows Server 2016 Standard, both new VMs started crashing when KES 11 was installed. Kaspersky Security for Servers is on several other VMs on the host and does not cause a problem. The two new VMs seemingly installed KES 11 successfully before crashing however there is a notification to reinstall Kaspersky on the W10 VM, therefore the GSI report may not be as useful. We have several Windows Server 2016 Standard and Windows Server 2012 which host VMs with KES 11 without any issues. I have 2 GSI reports from the VMs however the upload is failing.
  8. Do you have a VPN client installed? Check Point was causing this issue for us. Uninstall any VPN clients you have, restart and manually install.
  9. Is there a known solution to Issue 2584581 yet? Regards
  10. I'm also having this problem on a Dell OptiPlex 7050 and an Intel NUC both running Windows 10 attempting to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows I will request the fix from the company account page. Regards
  11. Sorry for the delayed response, The error is for the File Anti-Virus, the full scan task is not running. There is no scan running and the error is appearing right now. I think that is what you were asking, the error is because the File Anti-Virus is trying to scan an encrypted drive. I am unable to exclude the drive from File Anti-Virus. Regards Jake
  12. Here you go - GSI Report Regards Jake
  13. Hi, Thanks for the reply, Whenever I try to attach the full GSI report I get '413 Request Entity Too Large', it's 6519 KB, I may have to send it via a Kaspersky CompanyAccount request. I have attached the relevant KES policy. Bitlocker for encrpytion. Regards Jake F_Exclusion___Kaspersky_Forum.7z

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