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  1. @Dmitry Eremeev: Please provide short information about how to create the logs you need and where to find the logfiles on disk or how to extract/save them. BR CG
  2. Any solutions from Kaspersky? It#s a little bit annoying that they can't provide a solution for that problem. That's a critical issue for my customers and I don't want to chnage to another Virus protection. This means a lot of effort for me.
  3. Sorry. It seems to be the "Web-Anti-Virus". That makes more sense. But: I tried to define the URL as secure it the settings. But this isn't solving the issue. Any idea how to allow this reports? Again: Opening the reports in the webbrowser using the same URL is working fine. BR CG
  4. Yes. It is the "Mail-Anti-Virus" which causes this problem. Seems kind of strange because this has nothing to do with Email. I have also no idea how to define a rule on how to enable SSRS. BR CG
  5. I'm using SQL Server Reporting Services. The reports are also intergrated in a .Net application we've developed. Accessing the reports using a web browser is working just fine. But when I try to open that reports in the .Net application I get an error. Error: "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions". It's just the standard .Net SSRS control. NOthing special. How to get the reports working again? Why are this reports blocked? The .Net component is just accessing the internal SSRS server. When I disable Kapsersky on a client, reports are worling fine inside the application. BR CG
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