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  1. Hi Konstantin

    We use Kaspersky Security Center 10 with Endpoint Security 10 SP2 for Windows

    When we receive an email malware alert, we receive as in the example below
    I would like to add the taken action, example ... blocked, removed, moved to quarantine, deleted, etc ...

    Today it's set up like this:

                        Event "%EVENT%" happened on computer %COMPUTER% in the domain %DOMAIN% on %RISE_TIME% source address %HOST_IP%

    And we received the email:

                       Event "Probably infected object detected" happened on computer SUPORTE01 in the domain GSTEST on quarta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2017 20:13:38 (GMT-03:00) source address
                       Result:     Detected: not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Script.Generic (Adware)
                       User:     GSLAN\user1 (Active user)
                       Object:     http://d3oep4gb91kpuv.cloudfront.net/?gpeod=695874
                       Reason:     Local databases
                       Database release date:     29/11/2017 13:33:00

                      Web Anti-Virus






  2. Hi Dmitry


    In KSC go to Administration Server' -> 'Events' -> 'General settings fo selections' -> 'Configure notifications' and configure SMTP settings

    In KSC go to 'Policies' select and edit policy, go to 'Event Notification' and double click in Event Type and enable 'Notify by email'... click 'Settings (same window) and select 'Use Administration Server Settings'


    Test it with EICAR, the client send 'Malicious object detected' to KSC and the KSC send e-mail in real time

  3. Hi.

    Please, how to configure the Kaspersky Security Center 10 to send selected 'Critical Events' by email to KSC admin?

    In the KSC the 'Notifications' is configured and tested successful (Send Test-email).

    In the 'Events' tabs, I create the selection.

    NOW, how to configure to KSC to send email when the server receives the alert??


    P.S The alert email should be sent by KSC and not locally by the KES.

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