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  1. Hi, I had an issue today which might be caused by KIS2019 intercepting all web traffic. The error was something to do with TLS/SSL. I am trying to access Microsoft OneDrive - https://onedrive.live.com . If I click the security icon in Chrome, Firefox or IE, they report that the site certificate is "Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate", which I gather shows that KIS has intercepted the web traffic. I need to turn off the interception to see if this fixes the problem I am experiencing. I tried adding "https://onedrive.live.com" to the list of websites not to protect/check in KIS2019, but the browsers still report the Kaspersky certificate. It should be reporting the true certificate which is "Microsoft IT TLS CA 1". I don't want to totally turn off KIS, I just want it to not check certain websites and let the traffic through without interception. How do I do that?
  2. I did and they were most unhelpful. They just said there is no way to stop the messages if you turn on webcam security. They advised me to turn off webcam security protection! I am paying Kaspersky to protect my PC. Their software shouldn't complain about legitimate access. There are a whole host of malware that targets the webcam, so I don't want to turn off this protection.
  3. I have upgraded to KTS2018 from KTS2017. I am running Windows 10. I now keep getting a "Webcam Access Blocked" message from KTS. KTS2017 did not give me this message. The program KTS is complaining about is "Windows\System32\DeviceCensus.exe" which I understand is a standard Microsoft Windows utility which users have no control over. So (a) KTS should not be complaining about this program which is only doing its job and (b) KTS does not appear to give me any way to prevent this message from appearing. When I click on the notification to display the detailed report, there is no further button to (a) tell KTS to not display this warning again or (b) does not provide any way to tell KTS that access should be allowed. Can you please tell me how to update KTS to prevent this message appearing and ensure you add it to the standard list of programs that are allowed to access the webcam. Also, if I click the notification message to display the list of "Application Control" messages, KTS is displaying the date in the wrong format. The locale on my PC is UK, but KTS is ignoring this and displaying dates in US format which is very confusing.
  4. Windows 10 Anniversary provides support for extensions to MS Edge. When will Kaspersky update their software to provide plugins for MS Edge in the same way as for IE?
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