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  1. Hello, I want to joing the test of KES 8.0 for Windows and Kasperksy Security Center 9. I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus products for business tech support experience of four years. Thank you. cainchen@t-tech.com.tw
  2. Hello, I installed FS 6.0 MP4 CF1 and manually running updater task and discover in following: File downloaded Do you tell us what is this? I'm never see this files in Kaspersky any products. Thank you
  3. Hello, Does any one can tell us how can let Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.7 for Linux Workstations/File Servers "Real-time protection" function work success in Ubuntu 9.04 ? I know Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.7 for Linux Workstations/File Servers can't support Ubuntu 9.04, But I have about 1000u Ubuntu ver9.0.4 computers need install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.7 for Linux Workstations/File Servers. Please soon, Thanks
  4. Hello KL, Kaspersky Admin Kit 6.0 can manage how many client Anti-Virus(Max) ? that have official data ? 1.When use MS SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition 2.When use MS SQL 2005 Standard Edition Expect reply. Regards
  5. Hello friend, Yes, thank you for your reply. Regards, Cain Chen
  6. Hello KL, A question about KAV 6.0 for Window Workstations or Lotus Notes/Domino can scan .nsf format files ? Thanks reply. Regards, Cain Chen
  7. Hello KL, Does KAV 6.0 Release 2 = KAV 6.0 MP4 or KAV 8.0 ? Could you answer me ? Thanks a lot~
  8. Hello support team, A question in following,please help.. I installed AK on the machine,that os was Windows Server 2003. One day, I changed the AK host name and AK can't connected. When opened command prompt and used the netstat -ano command. I can't find TCP 13000 and TCP 14000 port. I made tested on another machine and happended the same situation. I was not to gets any log to you because this problem very easy to made. You only to proceed in following.. 1. Install the AK 2. Change the host name. Please answer what can we do then AK can connect again ? ( do not answer us to remove it and re-install AK) Thank you a lot. Best Regards
  9. Hello~ Check Anti-Spam settings in attachment file. Second,following and do it... http://www.kaspersky.com/support/kis2009/av?qid=208279941 Regards
  10. Hello~ In 12/10 I was used manual update and Malware" database release date was in December 10 in the morning 6 o'clock. Regards
  11. Hello~ I was use tools download from http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=193238496 and scan,but no malware have be found. Regards
  12. Hello, I am have not be infected by malware, I sure. This is Kaspersky updater servers problem or not ? Regards Cain Chen
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