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  1. hi i use windows XP embedded and have kaspersky endpoint security which version install on this windows
  2. patch update for windows an vulnerability
  3. hi i want update my client os (windows) by kaspersky security center i have advance licence what i do can u help me
  4. 10.3.407
  5. hi in this window i should add or no it is optional !?! if dont add what heppen?
  6. no i use of windows and set pass for this user
  7. i want use this user in master and connect to slave and because i dont have password this user i change it why dont open ksc? its for i change password or have other reason?
  8. before i open ksc i change password off this user " kl-ak-...................... "
  9. hi i try to open my ksc but dont open and when i start this service " kaspersky security center 10 administrator server " but say " error 1069 the services did not start due to logon failure " why?
  10. hi where i can select update download no all?
  11. hi i stop klshare and use in a hierarchy ksc and update! no problem if i stop klshare? why klshare is share for what? only use share installation package in network by share?
  12. hi ksc 10.3.407 no master slave i know additional folder you say i can only only use master slave or use additional folder and copy on cd of flash or share it other way?
  13. hi i want update ksc2 in network that dont have internet connection by ksc1 in network that have internet connection ok? i can not use share (klshare) in network (security) and stop it now i can update or no (should be use klshare)
  14. 10.4 advanc
  15. i do it : You can also manage software update via the Network Agent policies. For this, create or modify an existing Network Agent policy: In the Managed computers folder on the Policy tab click the link Create Policy to launch the policy creation wizard. In the wizard window Select an application for which you want to create a group policy select Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent. On the next step Software updates and vulnerabilities check the box Use Administration Server as WSUS-server. In the Windows Update search mode section select one of the variants: Online. Administration Server uses Network Agent to make Windows update agent on a client host access an update source: Windows Update Servers or WSUS. Next, Network Agent gives the information received form the Windows update agent to Administration Server. Offline. In this mode Network Agent periodically sends to Administration Server the update information received from Windows update agent; this information is received during the last synchronization of the Windows update agent with an update source. If Windows update agent does not synchronize with an update source, then the update data on the Administration Server become outdated. what i do now?