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  1. Здравствуйте! Если обновление одобрено, установка запустится сама при следующем запуске задачи обновления. Спасибо!
  2. Error installing KES 10 Service Pack 2 Plugin

    Hello! Please state the exact vresion of KES and upload the installation logs of KES. Thanks!
  3. non adult content blocked by kes10sp2

    Hello! Have you updated the signature bases? Thanks!
  4. Please tell us, how exactly was used the kavremover. Did you use the -nodetect key? Thanks!
  5. Remote Installation

    Hello! Do you mean you want to create the installation package from the .exe file? Thanks!
  6. Device Control Messages

    Hello! Please check if the patch did not help and send us the installation log of the patch. Thanks!
  7. Please collect the KSC traces while trying to activate the ilcense. Thanks!
  8. Kaspersky for virtualization and key management

    Please tell us, if the hosts do the update tasks. Thanks!
  9. Kaspersky for virtualization and key management

    In this case it is better to choose only one possibility, either auto deployment or distribution task. Please disabe auto deployment and start the distribution task once more. Thanks!
  10. KES 10 SP2 ICMPv6 issue

    Here is an answer. First of all please try to rename klwfp.sys to be sure, that it is the root cause. Please check if the exclusions "C:\Program Files (x86)\ZenVPN OpenVPN bundle" and "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\" do work. Check if the WinPCAP has ever been installed on the problematic machine while installaing Wireshark or earlier. Thanks!
  11. Kaspersky for virtualization and key management

    Hello! Have you just updated the license in the key distribution task ot have you created a new one? Have you enable auto deployment for this license? Thanks!
  12. Hello! For centralized management you can use the Kaspersky Security Center 10 SP2 MR1: http://support.kaspersky.com/ksc10#downloads Thanks!
  13. Здравствуйте! От 100гб и больше. Спасибо!
  14. Здравствуйте! Установка плагина возможна только на той машине, где установлен сервер администрирования. Что касается задач, которые отображаются в локальном интерфейсе и в свойствах, то посмотреть групповые задачи, которые назначены этой машине Вы можете в разделе группы - задачи. Спасибо!