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  1. Hi Evgeny Thanks for the message. Those scenarios don't give me any information about installation than I have already. The installer for Web Console doesn't appear to include Apache, so can you please give me some guidance? Thanks, James
  2. Hi I have a fresh, clean, working (not in production) installation of KSC 10 (10.5.1781) along with associated Web Console. I downloaded the latest 11 beta build (as at time of this post) and upgraded. KSC went OK, but there's an issue with the Web Console in that it installed alongside the existing version without removing/upgrading the 'older' one. If I uninstalled Web Console 11, and also Web Console 10 and started again with v11- it installs, but there seems to be no Apache bundled into the installation. Before I start again, are there any instructions on installation of the Web Console Beta and what to do, what not to do, what to expect etc.? I couldn't find anything detailed, but please do point me in the right direction if I've missed anything. Cheers, James
  3. 'Regular' users, are often the ones that need most protection. Either way - we have a Head of Consumer Products saying one thing, and a KB article saying another. I'd just like an ETA on the next update - same as we have an ETA on the Business Products. I'd like to set expectations..
  4. As of today (2016-08-05), your own support site has a banner giving a link about compatibility for home products and the anniversary update: http://support.kaspersky.com/12394 "Kaspersky Lab products are not fully compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone 1). For information about the limitations, see the following articles" So, are the products compatible or not? And if not, when can we expect the next update to drop? The business page states 15th August for MR3 so it would be nice to get a date for KIS etc., too. Cheers, James
  5. When you say KAV 6 is in beta, will that be including the personal firewall product? It's this that I'd like to roll out and control centrally.. Ta, James
  6. Hi Does anyone know if it is possible to roll-out and administer policies/tasks for the new Internet Security 6.0 product using the administration kit in a corporate environment? We have a number of clients with a high percentage of laptops so it would be rather handy to be able to configure and utilise the anti-hacker firewall and other options in this way. If it isn't possible, now - is it a near-future plan? Cheers, James
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