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  1. Completely understood. I would not modify the database. Just a few select statements hopefully to get me a working query. We have too many systems involved to do unsupported modifications. Thanks,
  2. Hardware registry report gets me aggregate hardware components but doesn't sort into workstation specific details and doesn't have the ability to provide MAC, Domain Name, IP. Hardware report gets me closer but can't be run against all workstations currently in the KSC console. It has to be run for a window of time which seems to need to encompass whatever time the hardware was installed or first was seen by Kaspersky. I'm going to get one of my Devs to look at pulling it from the database I guess. I wish there was a way to create a new report and have the ability to select any components which exist in any of the existing reports rather than being limited to a specific category depending on what your base report template is called.
  3. I've gone through all of the report options in the predefined list as well as trying to create a custom report. Several of the reports have some of the information but when I try to add another item it tells me that 'All possible fields already included in the report'. It seems as though certain reports limit what the fields can be.
  4. Somehow I didn't get a notification of your reply. Final result would be a report for all currently managed machines when the report is run containing: PC Hostname PC Domain Name PC MAC Address PC IP Address Thanks,
  5. I'm hoping that there's a way to do this since I know the information exists in the database. I'm working with KSC 10.5.1781 I have a customer IT group requesting a report showing Hostname, Domain, IP Address, and MAC Address for workstations that we support. If I run a key usage report, I can get everything but a MAC address and it shows all of my workstations. I can't add MAC Address to this report If I run a Hardware report, I can get MAC addresses but have to select a time window for the report which isn't necessarily accurate since some machines may no longer exist if I choose a date long in the past to capture everything. I can't seemingly run this for all workstations currently in the console (has to be a time window). I also am lacking DNS names and Domain. Does anyone have thoughts about this or will I need to query the database somehow manually? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the response. That does provide a functional method for updating individual devices. It's unfortunate that we're not able to execute a predefined task against a targeted machine so you don't have to apply the rules every time. Have a great day!
  7. KSC 10.4.343 KES and We have recently upgraded our license and are beginning to use the "Install Updates and fix vulnerabilities" task to deploy updates and patches for both Windows and 3rd Party applications. (This is more in regard to 3rd party updates as I understand I can stage Windows updates for install at the server console). Is it possible from the KSC console to execute these tasks on a per-device basis? These tasks don't appear when I right click on a computer and attempt to run a task as with KES installations. I have tasks defined per device group in KSC. I'd like to say run the task on one server at a time in a group as I have maintenance windows. I'd like to have the 3rd party updates install when I execute this task so I don't have to connect to the server and manually run all of the executable files that are staged if I use the option to "Download updates without installing".
  8. Hello all, I ended up reaching out to support yesterday and they were able to use the trace to identify that the processes required to be Trusted were Winlogon.exe and Explorer.exe. I've added these but left them subject to scanning in case a different process hooks inot them and my issue is resolved. Thank you and please mark this as resolved.
  9. Hello and sorry for taking so long to reply. PTO and a crazy schedule got me off of this. Did you ever receive the files that I uploaded? I had issues getting files of that size to the support forum user as well. Find attached the trace requested. Steps to create: Connect with RDP > Enable trace > Connect With NetOp > attempt to manipulate KES interface > Killed KES via task manager > opened again and tried to use again > Connected with RDP > Disabled Trace. Thank you for any assistance. Edit: Upload failed. FML Is there some other way to get you guys files? I can host them and send someone a link.
  10. If it helps, here is my trusted zone config attached as well as what I have selected for those items at this time. The items are being pushed to the client it seems as well. I attached the client image too. I'll try to get the files uploaded somehow but both exceed the 4MB limit.
  11. Hello, We use NetOp Remote Control to manage our remote clients. When connected remotely, I'm unable to manage the KES interface even after adding any NetOp executable I can find to the 'trusted zone' and checking the box for 'Do not block interaction with the application interface'. Has anyone made this work? We have a few varying versions of NetOp but the executables appear the same. I have attached a screenshot of the applications. They all exist in the path: %ProgramFiles(x86)%)\Netop\Netop Remote Control\Host\
  12. As I recall, the root of my issue was no \ at the end of my path. My exclusions under Anti-Virus protection > General Protection Settings > Exclusions and trusted Zone > Scan Exclusions are like: File or folder: c:\somepath\ Object Name: * That excludes everything under c:\somepath\ Note that you need the \ at the end. I've also used the Trusted Applications section with some success.
  13. Hello, I worked it out and found that there was another entry hiding under Java that had the port tied open as well. In my case, the controller software for Ubiquiti access points. Regarding the web console, it looks like it's another download on the product page which I didn't install and don't have the apache folders that the manual is referring to. Sorry for the bother but hopefully this will help someone else someday. I'll try to mark as solved but I'm not sure how.
  14. Hello, Here is the screenshot: Netstat -a output attached Netstat -a -b (show processes) attached Thank you for any guidance that you can provide. netstat_a.txt netstat_a_b.txt
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