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  1. It was done in the Switch Profiles. Its telling me I am not permitted to upload this type of file. Can I upload it to my existing FTP account for my other issue or should I get new credentials?
  2. I changed the network policy for my test group to include a subnet. Originally only existed. Confirmed via a klnagchk of the host. I then modified the policy to include the rest of the subnets at the branch site.,, In KSC policy said it was applying and then it was applied. When I did a klnagchk, it only showed the
  3. KSC 10.3.407 KES KSCNA 10.3.407
  4. Hi, I'm testing the connection profiles and switch profiles so I can start setting up NLA for my update agents instead of needing to assign them to specific groups. I originally made a small group and then expanded it to include a few other subnets for a remote branch site. I made the change and it was pushed out to my test group with no problem. However, when I added another subnet the change was not propagated to the clients. I disabled that policy last night hoping that it would just take some time to clean itself out. However, 15 hours later and the profiles and locations still exist when I do a klnagchk. The switch profile for the branch site contains 3 subnets as a condition, with the connection profile pointing to the 'Home Administration Server' Is there anything I'm missing? I can't figure out why these profiles aren't syncing or unsyncing when the network policy changes. klnagchk.txt
  5. I originally deployed via the fqdn, but switched it to the IP address more recently. Working with support now, and uploaded a ton of trace files and GSI files from affected servers/workstations. I'll update this when we come up with a resolution.
  6. Running KSC 10.3.407 We are encountering the following problems: Network agents that are set as update agents and are set to poll their local network return this(in their local event log): * Network poll results will be sent to the server later. The network poll time span is too short, or the server is currently overloaded. Other network agents(in administration server event log): * Heartbeat processing for host 'xxxx' failed #1195 Operation cannot be completed at this time. Application initializing or shutting down. * Failed to synchronize data with computer xxxx. #1197 Operation failed because the timeout period expired Other network agents randomly seem to disconnect from the administration server. klnagchk will occasionally hang on "Initializing basic libraries" and requires a restart of the service to continue. If I do a klnagchk -sendhb it will sometimes respond with "OK", but more often than not hangs there until it times out. I've attached klnagchk output. I've also opened a support ticket but have not heard anything yet. Any ideas? klnagchk.txt

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