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  1. hi, mail confirmation kaspersky below: Anna Larkina <Anna.Larkina@kaspersky.com> Aug 18 (3 days ago) to me, Webcontrol Hi! Fixed. After new updates, everything will be ok Thank you! Best regards, Anna Larkina | Web-content Analysis Expert | Kaspersky Lab Olympia Park, Leningradskoe Shosse 39a,bld.2, Moscow, 123060, Russia | kaspersky.com, kids.kaspersky.ru Still the result same. BR
  2. Hi, yes updated the signature bases BR
  3. Hi, updated kes10sp2 still the same result. attached screenshot for reference. BR webcontrol report.txt
  4. hi, Already emailed to webcontrol@kaspersky.com. Please check. BR
  5. Hi Please find the error screenshot for send email. Please guide. BR
  6. Hi, how to create a request to webcontrol@kaspersky.com. Please provide me the steps. BR
  7. Hi, kes10sp2 blocked non adult content by content category rules in web-control. http://india.columbiaasia.com I have checked in different network the result is same. Please help. BR screenshot1.docx webcontrol report.txt
  8. offline update for ksws

    Hi, will it take the update downloaded by ksc kept in klshare/update copied in pen drive then provide the source path. else can i download the updates from kaspersky update utility tool.then copied in pen drive then provide the source path. but kaspersky update utility do not have Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server in the application list. Please guide. BR
  9. Hi, what is the procedure offline update for ksws? Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server no internet. not in network . standalone installed. please help. BR
  10. Hi, I have logged in safe-mode rum cmd as administrator kept the kavremvr.exe in c drive then type the command - kavremvr.exe –nodetect followed the wizard. BR
  11. Hi, upgrade from kes10sp1mr3 to Kes10sp2. uninstall via kavremover tool. freshly install locally the issue remains same. BR
  12. Sorry Mklif error on win 7 sp1 32 os. & other one on windows 10 pro 64 bit os. BR
  13. Hi, unable to install locally kes10sp2 on both windows 10 pro system. executed kavremvr.exe -nodetect in safe-mode bu the result was same PFA kindly help BR logs.rar logs-2.rar
  14. Hi, Thanks. Already formatted. BR