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  1. Hey i want to create a stand alone installation package and disable the server verification that the klnagchk needs. (the computer is a workgroup computer that is not allowed to enter the LAN) is thier a flag or somthing that can be used ? for example: setup.exe -noklnagchk -noServerVerification or somthing like this
  2. hey guies, is it possible to create a phase policy for comuter that were found Malicious ? for example - when a user enterd USB that was Malicious, it computer will automaticly transport for a group with more restrict policy.
  3. Kaspersky 10 does not doing dvice control on safe mode, can someone help me with that?
  4. i have 10 servers (win 2012) 3/10 server show error message - "critical error - database did not update for along time" after redoing the windows server update task it seems that db is updated. but !! while looking at the server console (on the 3/10 servers..) i still have the db error you can see attached files -- very urgent! thanks
  5. hello, i have a problem with updating some of my servers. Kaspersky security center 10.3.407 and kaspersky for win server ver 10.0.486 i try to recreate tasks and change olicy and what not, it seems that the database is updated but i still have an error. see attacments
  6. does kaspersky security 10 installation support with SQL 2016 ??
  7. i know that, i do have DNS resolving. i want to install and test my linux enviorment but i cant find any of them
  8. BACKUP -> DELETE KSC -> REINSTALL with new DB -> recover from backup
  9. hey i am useing kaspersky 10 (10.3.407) i have been trying to do network polling but i cant find any of my linux on the KSC what could be the problem?
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