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  1. Hello, Francisco unfortunately, you are dealing with a new and complicated virus, so there is no official decrypter available yet. However, do not even think about contacting owners of Gandcrab because you can be left with nothing. Cases when they just take victims' money and give them nothing in exchange are quite popular. However, you can try Shadow Explorer which can recover separate files from their shadow volume copies. Check it here: https://shadowexplorer.com/ Besides, if System Restore was enabled on your computer, you can also try using Windows Previous Versions feature. However, this method works only for separate files as well. Here is a detailed guide explaining how to use it properly. Could you tell me how did you get infected with this threat? Virus has been spread with the help of several exploit kits, so I think that there was a spammy email, am I right?
  2. Rapid Ransomware

    Have you tried Data recovery pro or Shadow Explorer? I believe this virus doesn't remove Shadow Volume Copies of the affected files, so you could use these tools to recover some part of your data. If you have no idea what "shadow volume copy" is, read this Microsoft post. However, keep in mind that this virus keeps encrypting new files if not removed from the system on time. This is a new feature added to ransomware by cyber crooks.
  3. Arena Ransomware attack

    Hello, several days ago I got infected with this ransomware. Officially, it is said that there is no decrypter available, but I found that Arena is just another version o CrySis ransomware. So, I downloaded Rakhni Decryptor and it helped me to recover almost a help of my affected files. You can try it as well. Of course, you should not use it before removing Arena because it can try encrypting your files again.
  4. Infected with wonderlandads popup

    The modem is a router. Just like your model says "Modem Router TPlink" if you reset your modem then you can try the following: FLUSH your DNS settings on every device that you are using. You can use these steps: https://www.whatsmydns.net/flush-dns.html
  5. Infected with wonderlandads popup

    Have you any idea which sites or ads might have caused a worm? (Worm is a network virus). It shouldn't be a problem with ISP. Probably VPN just overrides your ISP and DNS settings, which is why the pop-up can't redirect or show ads like it wants to.
  6. Download Kaspersky via facebook??

    In theory, you could try the removal and most of the steps posted by richbuff in Windows "Safe mode". See if that helps you in any way. But it is weird, that after that many steps you still could not get KP working. Are you sure you are installing the right extension?
  7. Updated version here, Windows 10, no detections. Not sure about how Windows XP is interacting with Kaspersky. I'll second harlan4096's question on the version, which one produced such information.
  8. Is Kaspersky Cleaner a Trojan?

    No offense to your friend but is he a certified IT expert or Cyber Security expert in any shape or form? We can all read information and convince ourselves that we are right. In any case, It seems like you could be dealing with some form of malware. At the top of "Virus-related issues" there is a second topic, in which you can find Logs. Could do the required scans and place the logs here?
  9. Browser wingdings issue.

    2, nearly 3 years for anti-virus is a very long time, just like for everything related to IT. Did you notice any changes or something that could lead you to have theses issues?
  10. Ransom.Reyptson detection and suggestion?

    Have you tried Kaspersky's twitter support or any form of direct support like email if they have one?
  11. Is Kaspersky Cleaner a Trojan?

    Firstly, no. Kaspersky Cleaner in no way shape or form is a Trojan, at least not that I am aware of. If it was an issue with a trojan or some form of malware, it most likely came from a different source. Also, is that "techie" competent enough? Maybe it was his mistake? What were the problems with Chrome?
  12. kaspersky server hit by ransomeware

    I am sure you will. The key is tied to your account, no reason why you shouldn't be able to reuse it. A backup server???? Is anyone interacting with the server? Make sure you update your server software to the latest and have equally if not better security. Backups are just as important.
  13. The false positives will consistently happen as he is compiling his program after changes. Any anti-virus will flag that regardless.
  14. adware Google Chrome autofill

    Hopefully, Kaspersky moderators will not linch me for attempting to help the person. Before you try anything, post the AVZ logs of your issues (Second topic of the forum). 1. Restart your PC in “Safe mode with networking.” 2. Check your browser for any add-ons or extensions you do not recognize and remove them. 3. Check your installed programs and see if there isn't anything suspicious that was installed lately (If there is, simply remove them). 4. Install any popular antivirus and do a quick scan (Majority of the providers do have free versions of their software). Or just use Windows Defender. It works really well in most cases. 5. Restart your PC and do an additional scan to confirm malware removal. Let me know if this helps.
  15. Virus on my USB

    You could try Nuke and Pave (DBAN software). Will allow completely rewrite your flash drive with 0's. Additionally, you could try an app called Sandboxie, to sandbox your USB and see if any anti-malware or FD cleanup tools help you with the situation. Not sure about other alternatives.