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  1. Hi, we have the same problem here (KES with MR1 is not working correctly with Office 2010). Can you send me link to download patch pf3114? Thanks
  2. Hi, we use roaming profiles for standard users but I am not convinced that this is the cause of the problem because: 1. it happens also with administrator account (local or domain) which has no roaming profile 2. when KES is uninstalled this problem is gone and users with roaming profiles can reboot withou delay So there must be something which is checked by KES during the shutdown process and ends on timeout. How can we get this information because it is quite hard to check and monitor what happens during the shutdown... BR
  3. Hi Konstantin, did you read my scenario or the posts in this thread? After first start of computer and every next during one day there is no problém with the delay of reboot/shutdown. Try wait 24 hours and do the reboot. In my virtual environmet it was faster then in physical PC but I can still see the delay. BR
  4. Hi, upload is done. Read the access.txt file for login credentials. Scenario: Run the virtual machine (VM) for more the 24 hours (better 36 h.) with domain user logged in. Then take a snapshot of the state and try to reboot the VM. Reboot should take longer time (twice, 3 times) than without KES. Notice: the reproduction of the problem is not the same like in production environment - VM won't be in the domain, our network and connected to KSC and I had to uninstall most of our application we use (to be able to minimize the size of VM). Good luck. BR
  5. I just strated the Upload. The speed is less then 1 MB/s so it says it will take 14 hours to upload. See it tomorrow. BR
  6. Hi, I was able to reduce the size to 55 GB but I can't go lower. If it is possible I can upload it to your FTP. BR
  7. Hi, the size of vmdk file is 81 GB which is quite big. I created image of the PC using Acronis True Image 2016 which is only 16 GB big. Are you able to use this image and install it to real PC or convert it to virtual? The image is from HP Z640 with NVMe hdd but I thing you can try it to another brand or hardware. BR
  8. Hi, maybe there is a way... I got brand new PC today so I will customize it for work in our environment and then convert it to virtual machine (VM). The size of the VM will be about 35-40 GB, do you know about some fast and reliable FTP or cloud service? BR
  9. Hi, sorry but this is impossible. Our firm's policy doesn't allow to expose our internal PC "somewhere" on Internet neither allow to anyone to do some research of the computer becasue it contains/contained secret data. I am only able to allow you login remotely to be under my supervision. BR
  10. Hi, on Monday (19.9.) or Tuesday (20.9.) 9-10 and 11-16 (Moscow Time) BR
  11. Hi, I tried to install latest KES10 but it didn't solve the problem (as I expected after reading the release notes). Then I successfuly converted the physical machine to virtual on vmware, so we can continue testing it this way. Please let me know the first possible term for remote session. Regards
  12. Hi, I will install new version of KES firstly (but I didn't expect that something will change after reading the list of changes...), then I will try to convert one of the PC's to virtual. I will let you know next week how it ended. BR
  13. Yes, of course. Best day is this Friday - 9:00 - 11:00 of Moscow time - we can use two computers of testing (after first restart the problem is gone for the day), next session is possible on next Monday or Tuesday - any time. BR
  14. Hi, back from my holiday... After disabling all components but with KES running the behaviour is the same like for enabled componentes. Restart takes about 7 minutes. BR
  15. Hi, I think we are moving in the circle. I tried it several times and I can confirm that without KES or wit Kaspersky uninstalled the problem is gone. BR
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