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  1. Is it possible to ACTIVATE Kasp Free OFFLINE? I mean to obtain the licence for the (free) activation without an internet conexion? Email or something?
  2. Hi: After upgrading with KES10 SP1 MR3 the taskbar icon doesn't show. Kav is active though (I must recall it from the start menu) and I see it's working in active task, but no icon in taskbar... Somebody have the same issue? Please, How to fix it! Spasiva!
  3. Well, nothing to do... I'm back to KLupdater and KES I hope that when I decide to upgrade to Win 10 there will be also an upgrade to Kasp Upd Util 3.2 (or higher)
  4. Thanks for your reply... But I already have tried that and it keeps downloading and overwriting every single file!!!!! :angry: And I have checked the file comparing them (content) and they are the same (except for the date)! OOPss!
  5. Why they took off the support for the good KLUPDATER which worked so well and was so easy to use????
  6. Hello I was using Klupdater very well so far, but I knew that Kasp has done supporting it. I started using update utility but I can not succed in the "migration" since it starts downloading endlessly all the files disregardind what I already have. Please help! I had the "update" folder in my D\. partition... Where should I put the "temp" folder? (I'm using KES 10 for Windows in Win7) I tried the solution given in the "How to decrease the volume of updates downloaded by Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 on first startup" page but I could'nt find the Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Administration Kit\ path in my computer. (Note: I have a dial-up connection, yes, if you believe that! I live in Cuba!). I didn't have problems with this using Klupdater (R.I.P.)... Thanks for helping me.
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