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  1. Yes, it would take you back to 8.1. If i may suggest a possible road map for this?


    1. Do the factory restore ending up with 8.1.

    2. Get all Windows updates until you have the latest W10 ten spec.....yes it will take a few hours, but lots of it will not require much else than several reboots and then searching again for W updates until you have W10 fully up to date, plenty of time to do other things while the pc updates.


    3. If you have an external HD.........Make a backup with the inbuilt backup software in W10 called System image backup, you find it in: Controlpanel > Filehistory > down in the left corner there is a link to System image backup.


    If you do this you have have a baseline you kan always go back to and start over in a few minutes and be up to date with W10.


    4. Now install all your apps and do not install O 2003 at first! Download the latest versions ready for W10 of course and also make sure all the latest drivers from Toshiba gets installed.........now you're ready to install the latest total security 2016.


    All this of course just a friendly suggestion, but one that will most likely make you much more happy with you pc.


    Sorry to come back with another question!


    I mentioned earlier that I had done an ISO download. This was following a problem were I receiving no updates including Nov. I contacted Microsoft and they took over my laptop online which was pretty scary! They said my upgrade from 8.1 to 10 was not looking good. They gave me a direct link to download an ISO which included the Nov update. I have this saved to a DVD.


    If I do a factory restore to 8.1 I will end up with an upgraded version of W10 instead of a clean install. I understand a clean install is better than an upgrade.


    Would it not be better to put the clean install back on? Or would it be possible to use the system "refresh" option that puts it back to a clean state? And then carry on from your point 4?


  2. Yes, thats what i have been saying all along, 2003 is NOT certified to run on W10 and at the same time does not receive any updates since it is end of life software before W10 was even released, so it has not recived any updates making it suitable for W10.


    So you may think there is no problem, when in reality O2003 is a bad choice running W10, it was made for Windows XP 13 years ago.


    THe bottomline is that i think your issues may be twofold......,.an update gone bad on W10 (the big NOV date) and running software (Office 2003) not made for Windows 10. All this leading me to suggest what i would not even spend 15 minuttes thinking about: Factory restore the Toshiba laptop and start over fresh.


    Don is factory restore possible? This would take me back to 8.1, but I thought the terms of free W10 update was that you could only revert backwards for 1 month?


  3. I don't think there is a conflict between Kaspersky and Office.


    Just when I thought I knew what I was going to do, I am now confused!!


    In an earlier post you suggested I should uninstall Office to see if it remedies the situation?


    If you are saying there is no conflict between Kaspersky and Office then you are saying there is a conflict between Office and W10, because W10 does not support Office 2003?


    I would understand that but, and its a big but, Office 2003 works fine with W10 when Kaspersky is not installed.


    I need to square the circle but my brain is missing something!!


  4. Although i always never worry about things i have no way of changing.......:).......yes, i would would worry a bit. Windows 10 is very very good in my experience (i run on all my three computers) and we have already a substantial amount of users running it in my company, they all like it because it is very stable, so something is up with your windows install. In previous Windows versions we have like most companies waited for when the first service pack arrived before starting to move users to it.


    No, i'm saying Office 2003 is not made for W10 or even supported so all kinds of strange issues that will never be corrected with an update can be seen.


    If it was me..........i would make a backup of files etc and then do a factory restore. I can understand why you would be hesitant, but would also be happy to provide you with a step by step guide.



    Okay give me a few days to see if Office 2003 is the problem. Is there anything that I can switch off in Kaspersky settings so that it will ignore all Office applications?

  5. Ok, i can certainly understand that. :)


    Actually you have made a major change in those 5 months, the Nov update which is a giant update ....almost like a new OS version, that how MS intends to update from now on instead of releasing new OS'ses that require you install everything new and fresh like when we upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista.


    Defender is certainly miles better than MSE ever was, it might look like the simplistic AV it was, but in W10 it's a different beast.


    Anyway, i understand that you think this is too much for you to take in, but you can do one thing fairly easy and that is to uninstall Office 2003 and see if this makes a difference.


    I'm also sure that the Thoshiba has a restore option that will restore or factory reset so that you start over fresh......if you want i can post step by step guide. I might be a silver surfer myself, but it used to be my day job and i have made lttterally several hundred installs.


    Anyway up to you, for now you could go with Defender and perhaps trusteer if your bank provides this until you make a decision.



    thanks for your words!


    In post 5 you say that "I have issues with the event log filled with errors" Should I worry about that?


    I have found W10 very picky. I was previously running W7.1 on a Sony Vaio and never ever had one problem in over 5 years. Since buying my Toshiba and running W10, it wobbles every day in minor ways. Presumably errors are not serious?


    As regards Office 2003, because Kaspersky worked fine prior to Nov update, are you saying that something in the Nov update has altered the dynamics between Office 2003 and Windows 10 that Kaspersky doesn't like?


    If I uninstall Office 2003 and Kaspersky runs fine, does that mean the two cannot live together, or would there be a tweak? I am just trying to evaluate options.



  6. I didn't mean Office 2003 with Kaspersky, it's not for W10 thats what i meant, it can mean any kind of errors in the long run even if it at first looks to be "just fine".

    Ok, thats strange because one of the errors in your event log says "The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 423 seconds since the last report"

    We had a similar problem with a pc at work when upgrading to the nov W10 update, it was running Trend Officescan and there was only one thing that fixed it...............format the pc and reinstall W10 with an installer that included the Nov update, then install the latest for W10 drivers.


    If it was me i would roll back to the point before Nov update and then make sure to uninstall Office 2003.....at least just while trying to figure out what is possibly wrong..... then reinstall the nov update running no AV. Install all drivers again and check the event log both prior and after the install of the nov update.....does it then look more normal? If yes, then install the latest version of Kaspersky and see if the issue returns.


    Thanks for the advice. Can I just say that I am a silver surfer and was pushing the boundaries just creating the GSI file!


    I can confirm that when we reinstalled W10 we used an ISO updated that included Nov update.


    This is all getting too complicated for me. I have been on the Toshiba download site and I have the latest BIOS version.


    All I wanted was a good anti virus package as MSE no longer exists. Defender works well but doesn't afford total protection. I was particularly after the Safe Money protection.


    Because of my limitations I do not wish to rebuild the system around a malfunctioning security package.


    I am confused why Kaspersky ran without any problems for me for 5 months, I have not changed anything else?

  7. Hi


    Yor issues are too severe to be a setting that needs to be checked/unchecked. You certainly seem to have some issues, your event log is filled with errors even with Kaspersky uninstalled. Office 2003 is not certified for Windows 10 i'm afraid, that might be a factor.


    1. Was it the latest version of Total Security 2016 ( you had installed?


    2. Was Total Security 2016 installed and active while you installed the Nov W10 update?


    3. Have you installed the latest BIOS/driver updates?


    1. Kaspersky was downloaded each time and activated with code. I guess therefore it would have been latest version?


    2. Nov W10 would not install. I had to rebuild with ISO. Everything was fine until about a couple of days later I downloaded and reinstalled Kaspersky, that's when problems started.

    From Sept to Dec I ran W10 with Kaspersky and no problems. Outlook 2003 was running fine with Kaspersky.


    3. BIOS/drivers are all up todate


  8. Hello,


    Welcome to the user forum.


    The GSI we are asking would help us identify if there is a conflicting application with Kaspersky.

    But another thing I would like to check, is if you are running a 64 bit outlook as your email client.

    It checks your email indefinitely and would lump up the process and memory of your computer.


    If so, disable the mail and anti-spam add-ins inside the outlook.


    Click on this link to configure your version of outlook.



    Again, this is only if you are using a 64 bit outlook version..


    If not, please submit the GSI.





    Not sure whether the version is 32 or 64 bit, how do I check? The version I am running is Office Professional 2003.


    I have checked send/receive settings and it is every 5 mins.


    I will send a GSI file .




  9. I have total security 2016.


    I purchased when I upgraded to Windows 10, it worked fine.


    My laptop did not receive the Windows 10 Nov update until end December. Once the update was installed my laptop started to become unstable. Initially I thought it was a windows problem and tried various solutions but nothing worked.


    Through a process of elimination I uninstalled various programs and reinstalled etc.,


    When I uninstalled Kaspersky the problems went away immediately. I didn’t know whether this was a coincidence or not, so I left Kaspersky off for 4 weeks and everything was fine. Today I decided to reinstall Kaspersky and the problems returned immediately.


    Okay, so I need to describe what is going on.


    When the problem exists, clicking on desktop shortcuts, clicking on start menu items, clicking on task bar icons does nothing. Only 2 taskbar items work i.e., MS Edge and File Explorer. So it is very difficult to use the computer and cannot get to Outlook emails apart from going online.

    After maybe 10 minutes, all the windows/icons etc I had been clicking on will all open at once. So I will close all these windows down and once they are all closed, nothing will open again for another 10 minutes.


    I cannot imagine this problem is unique to me, so I am hoping there is a setting I need to alter.


    Can anybody steer me in the right direction.?


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