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  1. 2017 plays nice with my vpn. ive read numerous posts about kis 2018 and 2019 not doing so. ok now can you help me get this stupid yellow triangle to go away please? i have no objects found... yet when i reboot i get a red pop up saying there are unprocessed objects. i have repeatedly tried the 'clear all files in report after disabling software protection' thing... but on re-enabling protection, the 'objects' are found again but never display. a couple weeks ago when this started kis found a heuristic match that it later determined it wasnt a virus, on a excel 'welcome to excel' spreadsheet of all things. so how can i get kis to realize that there is no problem? thanks
  2. Two issues: after having received a false positive on a heuristic that software determined was not a virus, the orange triangle never goes away. also on starting up my software it reports that there are unprocessed objects. yet: from the above it shows there are no problems. [the ignored problem was a rarely used software reported object. i ignored it because i want that software whether or not i use it.] how do you get the system tray icon back in synch with the fact that there is no problem? thanks
  3. all my web browsers are now working with this workaround. chrome, ff, ie... all loading with vpn and no issue. thanks bro! not a perfect solution but your advice is saving me massive headaches.
  4. this worked for me too... kind of sad that it takes a user to fix or find a work around for kis, until the next release buggers something else up.
  5. doing this allows me to use my firewall on internet explorer ... to a degree. some pages take a bit to load. firefox still wont work... interesting. I wonder if anyone from Kaspersky who ACTUALLY WORKS THERE will see this and go 'ah ha! that's where I need to look to fix this mess!'?
  6. i have the C version of kis and even this one is screwed up. vpn will not work. i wrote kaspersky to ask if i cancelled my subscription would they give me a pro rata refund since i have nearly 360 days left. i got a response from a tech support person requesting logs and hoop jumping.. but no answer to my question. i'll send the logs when i can but i still want to know if they will refund me my unused portion if i do cancel? Windscribe makes a very strong point. you have tons of ppl working for you there and no one has thought to download a vpn client to reproduce everyone's woes on a test machine? here's a thought kaspersky. windscribe offers a free limited trial.. why dont you download it and see for yourself what your software is doing? why rely on the testing and input you have inexperienced users go through to do your analysis work? surely you have gifted techies there who could dissect this problem in no time if they saw firsthand how kis is not playing well with vpn. in the absence of a timely fix how can we revert back to v16? would i be able to uninstall v17 and reinstall my original software for v16 without impact to my subscription? does anyone that actually works for kaspersky even monitor these boards?
  7. Keep in mind when you tell the average user to run this, do that, disable this... that you are talking to people who have no clue what the hell you are talking about. Walk us through it. step by step like children. I don't speak techie. that quoted post from Mefodys is gibberese to me. I wouldn't know what to do. if you want us to help you fix the problem you have to walk us through how to do it.
  8. This is hardly an attitude from a vendor that fosters good will and trust in the user... help us fix our software? be a part of the solution or suck it up and wait for one? What part of a good business plan is that? Repeat customers come from putting out a demonstrably stable and reliable product, and not destroying that stability every time you put out a patch. They do not come from telling an already frustrated client that they need to do your testing and development work, or they are merely part of the problem. I understand the complexity of the nature of operating systems, vpn, antivirus etc. I wont pretend to be an expert. That's your job. my job is to pay for a reliable and trustworthy product that doesn't turn my pc into a brick every other time it gets an update from a vendor. I got rid of Norton for that very reason. When their updates started messing up my system and even screwed their software up so that it could not update... I dumped them. I dumped mcafee for similar reasons... unreliable patches that caused problems with my other software. It happens from time to time .. I get that. But in all honesty, this 2017 release has been one headache after another. I understand it must be frustrating for you to have to deal with angry clientele but imagine how frustrating it is for us.. especially those of us who are complete tech virgins at the mercy of software manufacturers , having to trust that the next update from them wont cause our pc to go POOF! and stop working. I eagerly await a solution. Windscribe (user in your forums) already pointed out possible areas for your techies to look into. Another user provided yet another clue that earlier versions of TAP adapter drivers work with the new update. It's all Greek to me but as I said, I am no expert and don't pretend to be one.... that's not my job. kind regards...
  9. so good people at Kaspersky... is there a fix in the works? Or do you require another trouble ticket and dump? I would be glad to do so if it would expedite a fix. i am paying for vpn service that i cannot use because of your product... which i also pay for. windscribe performed seamlessly and without flaw til this last KIS update.
  10. i shouldnt have to downgrade a driver in order to use software. perhaps though kaspersky can use this info though to narrow down where they need to fix this bug?
  11. i have the c version and it too has the bug where vpn is screwed up. firefox and chrome cant find dns. ie is slower than a glacial crawl under vpn. lol... at first i thought it was comcast playing games with me because i use vpn... then i took off my foil hat and blamed windscribe, who took extreme measures to test and found it to be kaspersky.
  12. i owe the good people at Windscribe an apology. I thought THEY were the reason my vpn stopped working. the 2017 release of kis seems to have a track record of being buggy at least for me. now it wont play nice with vpn. not just windscribe but apparently any vpn. please kaspersky.. kindly fix this problem soon. if i can be of assistance by submitting logs or whatever, if you think it will help beyond all the data youve already gathered from others.. .let me know. it is a shame that bugs in your software are impacting so many users of vpn clients.. and possibly causing ppl to blame them for it. windscribe has gone way beyond and above the call, even downloading kaspersky on their machine to confirm the source of their users current woes.
  13. I have the exact same problem . since the last few days vpn is not working. kis c my vpn provider assures me this is the fault of Kaspersky and even linked to this article. could you please fix your software? ever since going to version 17 theres been nothing but problems.
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