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  1. @LauraX to chiedo cortesemente di inoltrare il falso positivo al nostro team di esperti, aprendo un ticket di assistenza qui e selezionando Tipo di richiesta > Malware > Falso positivo. Descrivi il problema esattamente come l'hai descritto qui, allegando anche l'installer. Grazie
  2. Hello. 1- Check that last Safe Kids version is installed on your child's device. 2- Follow the instructions here in order to allow an application even when the device is blocked (e.g. when device time limit is over)
  3. Hello. Please contact the Tech Support team by phone, chat or email (here) and describe your issue. Thanks
  4. Scusa ma senza un minimo di descrizione del problema ci è comprensibilmente difficile poterti aiutare.
  5. Hello @bene66. Thanks to many requests from users, the feature you are describing will be available soon in one of the next version of Kaspersky Safe Kids. Stay tuned!
  6. Hello. In case you will face the problem again, please don't hesitate to contact the Support team by phone, chat or email (here). Thanks
  7. I know this is old forum thread, but the social monitoring feature request (other than Facebook and VK) is shared by many users, Our developers know and are working about this. Stay tuned for the future KSK versions! For any further feature suggestion, please open a support request here , then select "Feedback" > "I have a suggestion" in the "request type" section of the form. The users' contribution is always appreciated. Thanks
  8. Yes @yellowsub, that's exactly what I said. Disable the scan of all the encrypted connection is too drastic and decrease protection a lot (never think that HTTPS means security!). That's why I suggest to add JUST the single domain to the exclusion list, if the user thinks it's a reliable resource. But I think that upgrading to the last KIS version would solve the problem at its root.
  9. The solution above (in quote) is far less drastic then disable the scan on all the encrypted connection. But first, I suggest to upgrade to the last KIS 2019 version before, as it seems you have an older version. Do you? You find last version here.
  10. Ciao @arime. Niente paura, quasi certamente è un normale processo di Windows. Dai un'occhiata a questo vecchio post e alle soluzioni ivi linkate. Risolto?
  11. Hello john4669 , I'm Flavio from Kaspersky Lab. VPN applications and VPN browser extensions can't bypass the Kaspersky Safe Kids protection: the network traffic is handled by Kaspersky Safe Kids before it goes into the VPN tunnel. I think there's something wrong in the installation. One more evidence is that you say that "adding chrome.google.com to the blocked url list doesn't work". Actually if you add chrome.google.com the custom blacklist, you can't visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ultrasurf-security-privac/mjnbclmflcpookeapghfhapeffmpodij/ and any other page in the chrome.google.com domain. Can you specify which version of Kaspersky Safe Kids is installed on your child's laptop? Anyway, I suggest to reinstall it and check if the problem is still actual. And moreover, I suggest you to upgrade Kaspersky Total Security 2018 to 2019 version. It's free and included in your license. Here you find links: - Last KTS build: https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/total-security - Last KSK build for Win: https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/safe-kids-pc
  12. Hello @backdraft. Thank you for your report. The only way to put the devs attention on this problem is open a support ticket here. Please send the link of this forum thread and add any further detail that may help our developers. An AIDA64 log of your Android device may help: I suggest to attach it in the support request. Thanks
  13. Hello. The calls and SMS monitoring is available on Android devices only, due to some iOS limitations. More info about the feature and its limitation here: https://help.kaspersky.com/KPC/1.0/en-US/97366.htm
  14. Hello. Please report this issue to the Support team who will forward to the developers for investigation and assignment of proper priority for fix. Send complete description of the case in this form, after login with your My Kaspersky account. Thanks a lot for your help. Your contribution to improve our products is always appreciated.
  15. Please note you can also contact the support team by phone or chat. Go to https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c/ and select "General product use". In the landing web page you will find all the references on the left: Contact support > Kaspersky Lab.
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