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  1. Ciao. I siti che richiedono l'accesso tramite smart card possono avere dei problemi di funzionalità (per esempio i siti di Inps e Agenzia delle entrate, con accesso tramite CNS). Per consentire a questi siti di funzionare correttamente, apri KIS > Impostazioni > Avanzate > Rete > clicca su Esclusioni (sotto Scansione delle connessioni crittografate). Qui aggiungi tutti i siti che ti danno problemi di accesso tramite smart card, nel tuo caso aggiungi trec.trentinosalute.net (e magari anche il dominio trentinosalute.net). Ora prova ad eseguire di nuovo l'accesso ai siti. Risolto?
  2. @hvinagre, ljm29, pullat, BWXPRT, Circle Web Design, monoseng: your sites have been added.
  3. Moreover, can you tell us on which website you have the problem? We can try to fix the problem.
  4. some website screens blocked

    Hi john327. The issue has been fixed. Please update your bases and check again.
  5. Go to www.investing.it. Once here, click on Kaspersky Protection plugin (green eye on the upper right corner of your browser), then: - Click on Private Browsing > Allow data collection on this wesite - Click on Anti-Banner > Allow on this website Now reload the page. Any better?
  6. The problem seems not to be linked with KIS. The captcha doesn't load even with KIS disabled.
  7. Aggiornando i database, il sito huffingtonpost.it si caricherà regolarmente. E' stata sistemata anche l'ultima barra laterale con i contenuti "più cliccati"
  8. Hello, the issue with allmusic.com has been fixed at database level. The update will come in few hours.
  9. Hello, the preloved.co.uk links have been fixed at database level. The update is available in few hours in the product.
  10. Hi DolceBellaBaker. Some facebook plugins may be blocked by the Private Browsing on third-party sites. This means it is doing its work, preventing tracking scripts correctly. Anyway, can you give some urls as example? In the while, you can go in KIS settings > Protection > Private Browsing > Categories and exclusions, and clear the flag to Social networks > Facebook. This way you will allow all the Facebook resources on third party sites. At the same time the Private Browsing will block all the other tracking resources. That's all.
  11. Hi kjon99fm. Could you enable Private Browsing again and collect traces while you replicate the issue? This would help us understanding the problem and fix it at the base. How to get trace files. At point 3, select level All. Remember to push Stop when finished. Then, locate trace files and upload in a zip. Thank you
  12. Hello Thu Ha. Your site is in queue for rescan. You'll see the result asap, most likely in 24h. Thank you
  13. Ciao Fr@nk. Siamo riusciti a replicare problema e l'aggiornamento risolutivo è previsto entro domani sera. Dopo aver effettuato l'update, ricorda di cancellare la cache del browser. In caso i problemi persistessero, facci sapere.
  14. I can't reproduce this on my machine. Can you update your bases again, is the problem still actual?