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  1. Hi guys, I created a task to remove some incompatible apps from a list of managed computers and configured it to restart the wks after 480 mins. Is it posible to override this ? There were some critical wks that must not be restarted.
  2. I'm already running the latest version of KSC. Kaspersky Security Center 10 Service Pack 3 (version 10.5.1781.0) Opened a ticket via CA: INC000009560159
  3. This script was sent to me in a case, INC000008196214. At the time I had the database on SQL Express and it reached over 10gb. The problem was the size os wus_upd tables. Is there a patch the solves this issue on KSC 10SP3? Thanks
  4. Hello, After cleaning tables wus_upd using the script reset_wus_tables (attached), I started receiving this error: [MS-WUSP]: UpdateSync failed. #1198 Assertion "tmCookieMaxSyncUpdatesTime != KLSTD::c_tmInvalidTime" failed. Other people had this issue in the past: Please advise [Attachment removed]
  5. Yes, they are managed by the same KSC an running under the same policy.
  6. Hello, The scanning proccess ended with the following message: "Device master boot record is corrupted and cannot be fixed" I tried unlocking the device using the access key, but it failed too. (I tried twice, same error) "Failed to unlock encrypted device. Error: 0x80010100." To answer your question, I'm using this interface to connect the drive Thinkpad Lenovo X1 Carbon 20+6 Pin SSD to SATA 2.5 Adapter
  7. I'm trying, but the scanning proccess will take 10 days. That can´t be right... Is there another thing I could try ? Thank you, Raphael
  8. Updates installed: KB4034658 KB4034662 KB4035631 Build: Windows 10 Build 14393 Thank you.
  9. Hello, Some Encrypted laptops after having Windows updates installed won't boot. After turning on the laptop, Kaspersky PreBoot Agent screen is presented, the user authenticates and Windows Automatic Repair starts. Attached is the error screen after attempting to run Automatic Repair.
  10. Hello. I have the same problem using KES 10 Service Pack 2. MTP is blocked but user can sync files via iTunes. Wasn't it supposed to be fixed in the newest version?
  11. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows = Network Agent = 10.2.434 (patches a;d;e)
  12. Hello, I've a problem with the FDE on a laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon 3444), running Windows 8.1. After enabling FDE the laptop started freezing every 10-15 minutes. After every freeze I needed to reboot to resume the encryption process. Eventually, I hit 100% encrypted but still freezing every 10-15 minutes. Then I began the decryption process, hoping the laptop would stop freezing. It didn't. Right now, the decryption process is stuck at 93%, won't advance and it keeps freezing.
  13. Same issue here. I don´t see the details like src ip, dest ip, src port, dst port on Security Center. Only locally in Reports tab of kaspersky agent. In my case, I'm running KSC 10.3.407 and Kaspersky Light Agent
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