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  1. I believe the Active/Inactive is whether the current rule is enabled or disabled. It allows you to set one up and disable it if you need to do something and re-enabled it later without having to re-enter everything. I used your " HEUR:Trojan.PowerShell.Generic " suggestion and also I added additional folders. The scripts I'm trying to filter out are in a sub-folder of the folder I had specified. I just assumed that all sub-folders would inherit the rule but hey, maybe not. Let's see if it works.
  2. Tried that, and if I disable all the components at the bottom of the screen KIS disables the 'Save' button and will not let you save. I understand the component checkboxes as "the checked ones are the ones which will be disabled by this rule", therefore if you uncheck them all you would be creating a rule that does nothing as it doesn't bypass any KIS modules.
  3. Thanks for the answer, but like I said, I have the mining folder in the exclusion list and it's not helping.
  4. Is there a way to keep System Watcher from blocking CMD.EXE when it's used to launch PowerShell scripts (.ps1) in a given folder? The crypto mining software in question is a series of scripts. Most work fine, some do not. In this case KIS throws a "Startup of cmd.exe blocked" error due to "Suspicious application behavior". I'd like to keep protection for malicious scripts but allow the ones in the mining folder to execute. I've added the mining folder to the exclusions list (Threats & Exclusions settings -> Manage Exclusions) but no help. I can't add cmd.exe to the trusted programs list as I don't want KIS to blindly allow harmful scripts to execute. Is there a way to address this? Right now my only option is to disable System Watcher. Thanks.
  5. Well, the problem appears to have fixed itself. Kaspersky tried really hard to determine the cause. We worked on it for almost 2 weeks. We tried all sorts of KIS settings, clean windows boots, disabling drivers/startup files.. no help. I gathered up all sorts of logs but that didn't help in a diagnosis either. It got escalated to a higher support level but they only asked for more logs. In the end, the problem disappeared maybe 4 days ago. The computer just started logging into windows 10 normally. The only thing I can think of that may have been related is that I installed a new Nvidia graphics driver. I don't see how that could be the cause but that's the only change made to my system. In any case, this is now fixed and I'm happy. Hope this thread helps someone out in the future.
  6. I've got an active ticket open and have submitted the requested info. When you say that I have " lots of various sundry and assorted stuff crashing" that's true but only when Kaspersky is running. If I uninstall it, the problems go away. So, yes there are problems but they appear to be caused by Kasperksy and it's bad enough that it's not only affecting other programs but it's keeping itself from working correctly. My suspicion is that it's something related to my hardware. Kaspersky isn't playing nicely with something. This is a new build and prior to this one, Kasperksy has been reliable. In fact, I have it running properly on 2 other Windows 10 machines and several Windows 7 machines. It's just a matter of Kaspersky's tech people finding out what's up. I'll update this thread on our progress. I spent most of yesterday evening with chat tech support and we found out that as long as you disable all Kaspersky components except File AntiVirus, it works fine. As soon as I enable File AntiVirus OR any other addition components, the problem returns. In all cases the problem goes away entirely with an uninstall and reinstall of KIS. Can't wait to find a solution.
  7. Ok, Even with the older KIS I still have the problem. It only happens after I install new software. As soon as I do, on the next reboot I get the long login delay. I'm really close to abandoning Kaspersky on this computer. It's just become way too much of a hassle. This would be really unfortunate as I've been using it since 2007. System Info uploaded. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...6e20bbbe88b389b
  8. Thanks for that. That'll be my next step. I'm currently trying and older KIS (kis16.0.0.614en_8233) to see if it behaves the same way. I'm curious if it's an issue which was introduced in 16.0.1 or not.
  9. I'm back! That didn't take long. So, I figured, the system is stable I can get back to installing apps (this is a clean Windows install so I still have to get all my stuff loaded). I installed my Digital Persona fingerprint sensor software and rebooted. Sure enough, the delay returned. I looked in the event log and found the familiar "A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the AVP16.0.1 service.". So, I uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security and immediately re-installed. Problem solved.. again. So, looks like Kaspersky has problems with software installed after it is installed. No idea what kind of software causes it.. maybe stuff that interacts with Windows on a hardware level? Not sure. My problem is not resolved - Looks like there is a Kaspersky bug here, just not a simple one to resolve. I'm open to suggestions..
  10. If you get a resolution to this, please post it. I've seen similar issues (just a freeze out of nowhere - mouse moves and I can switch to currently running apps but can't interact with Windows itself). In my case the freeze is more commonly at Windows logon. It behaves like a hardware problem (defective SSD maybe) but removing Kaspersky makes it go away and re-instlaling Kaspersky solves it for a while. It seems as if there is some sort of a cumulative bug in Kasperksy where it takes many reboots but eventually the system ends up unusable until you remove Kaspersky again. Hopefully you'll post your resolution when you get one. I was been running a competing AntiVirus product for almost a year (had no choice, KIS was not available when I started running the preview releases of Windows 10) and recently returned because KIS performs better overall (the other AV product was slowing my file copies to a network drive) and this is what I'm greeted with.
  11. The problem is resolved for the time being. I used Kaspersky's online chat support and it was a good experience. Fast resolution to my problem. Here's what happened (for the benefit of anyone else with this issue): - I started with Windows 10 hanging on the login screen. It would wait about 2 minutes after I typed in my password to finally log in. A look at the windows event log showed "A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the AVP16.0.0 service." - Kasperksy web support suggested I enable the Settings -> Performance -> "Release resources to other applications" checkbox and reboot. Did that. - Windows rebooted and I was no longer able to log in at all. It just sat there with the spinning circle of dots at the login screen and nothing. I waited 8 minutes. - I contacted support from another computer and they provided an experimental version of KIS (kis16.0.1.445en_9488). Of course, I could not log into my main computer but I have a way around that. - I unplugged the network cable and rebooted. After about a 4 minute wait I got my desktop. No idea why but maybe Kaspersky is trying to connect to a network resource and hanging? - I uninstalled KIS and rebooted. Sure enough, after rebooting Windows logon took about 5 seconds (no AntiVirus software loaded at this point). - Installed the experimental KIS and rebooted. Twice. Both times Windows login took about 5 seconds. So, problem solved - for now. I say "for now" because with the last 2 tried at this, a new Kaspersky install worked great, it was not until many reboots later that it gradually slowed down the login. Fingers crossed. If you don't see a follow-up post to this, likely it's still working.
  12. There's more to this. I had KTS installed and was barely able to log in. Spent minutes waiting. And, it kept getting worse. Finally I was unable to log in at all until I disconnected the lan cable. Then, after a long delay, it logged in. I looked in the event viewer and found "A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the AVP16.0.0 service.". I googled that and ended up here. It never occurred to me that the problem would be Kaspersky. I uninstalled KTS and went back to KIS (I have licenses for both). Worked fine for a while but now I'm ending up with those long login delays again, and this time with KIS. I'm going to have to open ticket for this. It only started when I switched motherboards and had to do a clean install. Maybe some sort of hardware incompatibility with Kaspersky products?
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