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  1. Waiting for application initialization

    Have resolved the issue by stopping the task, uninstalling KAV, rebooting, installing Network Agent, rebooting, reinstalling KAV with the "No account required (Network Agent installed)" option, and then rebooting again. Thanks for the assistance Ivan.
  2. Waiting for application initialization

    Reboot didn't help. Sorry Ivan, don't know where to find the klnagchk utility or which machine I should run it on? Thanks
  3. Waiting for application initialization

    Have tried two activation tasks now - one with activation code and another with key file.
  4. Waiting for application initialization

    Hi Ivan, Should I reboot the server again? Don't know what to do - not happy about the server being unprotected! Please help. Thanks, Simon
  5. Waiting for application initialization

    Hi Ivan, In the Kaspersky Security event log on the server there's the following messages: License Agreement has been violation. Reason: key file not found . Task name: Database Update. Don't know if that could be the reason? I just ran an Activation of Application task which has resulted in a Modified status but nothing has appeared to change. Note that Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server was previously installed on this server and uninstalled. What should I do next? Thanks
  6. When deploying Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server to Windows Server 2008 using KSC 10.4.343 the installation gets stuck at 100% with the status "Installation have successfully completed. Waiting for application initialization." After rebooting the server the Kaspersky icon appears in the system tray as disabled and the deployment status remains stuck. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same result both times. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. KSC 10.3.407 KES (Win) and Network agent (Win) 10.2.434 and 10.3.407 Whenever I delete infected unprocessed files which are contained within email messages the files return and I there isn't enough information provided to identify the source email account. How can I resolve this? Thanks
  8. I've attached a couple of screen shots with the approved filter on but the lists are empty.
  9. I've uploaded it to our company account Request ID: INC000006705796 Thanks
  10. Please can you tell me where I should upload the GSI data to - here or to our company account or should I create a My Kaspersky account?
  11. I downloaded a newer version of GSI ( and am running it now - what should I do with it after it's finished running? I have a "Kaspersky Event Log" - is that what you require or something else? Thanks
  12. Here's a link which was generated by GSI http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...b6dbf8a967177a6
  13. Please can you explain what GSI is and where I can get the enabled logs from? Thanks
  14. Hi, I've attached 2 screen shots - One showing the dashboard with the "Kaspersky Lab product updates not approved" message/link, and the other showing the screen after following the link. Thanks, Simon
  15. Since auto updating KSC 10.2.434 from d to patch e, we now have the message "Kaspersky Lab product updates not approved", which won't go away. What should we do about this? Thanks