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  1. Ok i just checked "all URLs" under configure URLs in web anti virus settings in kaspersky, and now i am seeing the icons show up next to webpage's in search results.
  2. All i know is that im on the latest firefox, and i use to see the kaspersky icon next to webpages now i dont, i have protection enabled in firefox add on's, i will check the URL settings thing though.
  3. I noticed i cant see Kaspersky's trusted or safe websites when i search on google anymore, there use to be an icon next to each webpage with a color indicator, now it only shows up under some if they have multiple categories under a webpage.
  4. I have total security and it says that this can be applied simply by updating in kaspersky....i have patch C for
  5. well then the download link under kaspersky.com/product-updates ,,,,,,should be fixed, cause for ''Kaspersky Total Security -Multi Device'' it has the download link for for PC....dont even know what version that is.. if i even try to install that one it says i already have a newer version installed,,should probably be updated so people are not confused on which is current version.
  6. Iv had to reboot my computer to install new application modules like 2 or 3 times in the past 2 weeks,.. iv almost never had to reboot so i just thought it was odd to have 2 or 3 in such a short amount of time....i have version b , total security. Whats the reason for all the reboots ?
  7. yes its working now, why didnt kaspersky have a notification to update the database , it usually tells you in Kaspersky that you should update,,,but anyways thanks rudger
  8. Kaspersky Total Security 2016, and as far as version i dont see a stamp anywhere in kaspersky , but i update the database regularly
  9. I know this will be taking down, but i thought many members on here said that it would be signed by firefox version 44...was searching for a bit and found it would be in firefox version 45 now....can this be confirmed,,?? cause i just disabled the bypass method for the signitures in firefox and when i restarted firefox it quickly installed something, but the kaspersky protection ADD ON is completely disabled...can any one confirm when we will be able to run default firefox with our kaspersky protection add on?? thanks..
  10. harlan i have a question, you posted that there is a official fix coming for the extensions firefox issue, will we have to undo the false code we put in the firefox script page for this official fix to work?
  11. i did that to ellie, now i am curious weather there will be an actual fix...
  12. I know someone will post some other forum or something, but all i want to know is if Kaspersky is fixing this issue. Thank you. //edit: merged. The fix is in the works. It will happen somewhere around WIIR.
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