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  1. Fatal error. KES

    problem solved. Thank you kirill
  2. Fatal error. KES

  3. hi. KES installation error. KSC gives error while loading package. Windows 10 version 1607
  4. 10.3.407 agent no install [Solved]

    Thank you for your interest. problem solved. I need a little time. To migrate to the new server
  5. 10.3.407 agent no install [Solved]

    My old server is open. I am applying the 'change management server' task on the old server. Server adrese I am showing the DNS address of the new server. Only 10 or 20 of the 400 computers are past. Looking at the settings of some machines, it shows the new server, but then it goes back to the old server. Should I start a different task?
  6. Hello there... We have installed a new Windows Server 2016 ksc. We assigned DNS to the IP of the new server. We created a task named Change management server for the computers above the server. But the agents are not falling. There is a fault that KES is not installed. One looks at the new server and then goes back. Is there any other way?
  7. Hi..Easy to come There is a new policy in beta 2..KATA Is this product charged? The policy part wants a server address. How is this part structured..
  8. Hi... Windows 2016 servers were installed on the ksc. Servers have failover cluster. I closed the first server.Services on the second server did not work. Error: Service 'kladminserver' has been stopped due to an error. #1181 (-2146893811) System error 0x8009000D (Key does not exist.) License entry on the first server. No licenses appear on the second server.
  9. Java [In progress]

    KSC 10.3.407 KES Java is running in some situations when stopping kaspersky policy. I work with kaspersky uninstall again
  10. Java [In progress]

    hi. Java error in electronic document management system. When signing a digital document java gives an error and does not come with a signing panel. Kaspersky works by removing and restoring :supercool: