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  1. No encryption policy specified

    We recommend remove and reinstall KSC and the database, and restore the old backup. Thank you!
  2. Отметили тему решенной. Спасибо!
  3. Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Slack [In progress]

    Hi, Wait for answer in the incident. Thank you!
  4. KSC Administration error

    Could you please provide screenshot of the Task manager. Thank you!
  5. Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

    Marked as solved. Thank you!
  6. Allow or deny Web control to an IP address over HTTPS

    Hi, Could you please provide screenshot of the rule and rules list. Also please specify KES version. Thank you!
  7. Kaspersky SP2 making computers lag on Win 10

    Could you please create incident in CompanyAccount and request pf3145. After installation inform us about result. Thank you!
  8. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    Hi, How many computers affected? Thank you!
  9. Wildcard in exclusion path

    Could you please provide screenshot of the form where you want to use mask. Thank you!
  10. KSC10 as WSUS alternative?

    Hi, At first, could you please specify versions that you use. How to configure the mentioned functionality you can find in the following course - https://support.kaspersky.com/learning/courses/kl_109.10/tutorial3.1 Thank you!
  11. Присланный вами образец письма корректно открывается у нас в почтовых клиентах, не могли бы вы прислать образец письма который у вас открывается как указанно в первом сообщении. Также желательно обновить KSMG до последней версии. Спасибо!
  12. Будет в одном из предстоящих обновлений. Спасибо!