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  1. I have a game that millions play and I have blocked its telemetry server in the firewall and continue to play the game with no problems. It attempts to connect to this server every 5 mins while playing. But checking my application logs each time I start the game WMIPRVSE from the wbem folder in windows wants to obtain low level disk access. Whether I block or allow this makes no difference to the game. I uploaded the file to virus total and it was original and commented as safe.
  2. Actually, I think I stumbled upon the answer to this Run: gpedit.msc Computer configuration > Adminstrative Templates > System > Removable Storage Access
  3. Update speeds usually depend where you download from. If you whitelist the servers you can force the client to update to whichever is fast.
  4. Dont keep personal files such as pics of your mistress etc on a windows computer or any cloud services. New ransomware now publishes your media if you dont pay. Keep an offline backup of your whole disk, either a windows backup but prefebly an ISO image and keep this backup offline and back up weekly or nightly, dont delete one backup until one is complete. If you encrypt your drive say with Veracrypt the ransomware could destroy all your files or just encrypt over it so its encrypted twice or corrupted, it wont help. Windows folder permission security even with Kaspersky is useless if malware is already on your computer, account security is also useless on Windows. Bitlocker does not even encrypt the bootsector so that offers little security, its just there for non IT people.
  5. I think this is due to restricted access on a local or trusted network and not enough local addresses added under settings > protection > firewall > networks > your wireless adapter Goto settings > additional > reports > enable logging of non critical events. Then check logs under firewa when trying to connect. Any addresses such as 192.168.* or 244.* or anything starting or ending with 255 in it are local addresses but only add what comes up when you try connect. I also suggest you use a vpn or at least change your passwords afterwards when using a public wifi network or any network overseas. Actually this sounds like a problem with hotel. Its suspicious so either dont use it or speak with them. I also suggest using dnscrypt as an extra layer of security against fake webpages. OpenDNS is good. After the security measures you can try remove the s from https or add a certificate exception but this is risky and beyond the scope of my full understanding. If you only white list the initial page it should be fine but if the error comes up on any main webpages then you really are at the wrong hotel.
  6. In Windows 10, OS controls the AV. Your best bet is to just reformat back to Windows 7 or 8. I couldnt get Kaspersky to work with Windows 10, it would just close without any errors if I tried to use the Application control on system files.
  7. I suggest you use Chromium not Chrome. I have noticed that most programs that are incompatible with Kaspersky are shit, I used to get oh snap errors when blocking Chrome telemetry but the pages work fine in firefox.
  8. You need to make firewall rules, this is why I use Kaspersky and not other firewalls that whitelist their application. I know ESET and Microsoft bypass their own firewall but Eugene is of a very sound mind and fair attitude, so Kaspersky will let you block any address.
  9. Also, Disable low level disk access or disable the usb hubs drivers using windows permissions deny read and write and disable inheritence, dunno how well either will work though.
  10. it broke, windefender isnt even enabled so dunno what shut down Kaspersky. http://imgur.com/hz1hefc
  11. Nope I keep gettinging prompted still.I made 2 rules one for tcp and one for udp on trusted network The problem is the multicast steam address is not listed ff02::1:2 and also some other local IPs. I have also added to trusted network.
  12. The update servers are located in: RU or UA ??? Spain US UK I think AU I think HK CN I think I find HK the fastest, you can white list whichever is closest to you.
  13. It seems to show up now. But I keep getting prompted for local network activity there is a problem with any network activity(trusted) in packet rules not being high enough on the priority list by default.
  14. When I downloaded it it worked but I could not create any rules so it always prompted for every connection and releatedly. Now when I add svchost its ignored by the GUI. Its there because I can move it by using the add application and it says moved but it wont show at all. It showed before I updated and rebooted. I will try provide a gsi.
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