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  1. I installed Windows 10 and lost KIS 16. I downloaded and reinstalled it, but it is not working. Going into the Control Panel I found that KIS is "snoozing" and Windows Defender and firewall are on. How do I disable Defender and firewall so KIS will be enabled? Thanks, Jerry
  2. I cannot find where I can download KIS for my Kindle Fire HXD. On Google Play it shows not compatible with my device. Any help? Thanks, Jerry
  3. YEAAAAA! Got it and running great. I could not have ever straightened it out without your help. I am very grateful. Many thanks, Jerry
  4. I HOPE this is the one. I'm in the slow group. :dash1: https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...1db415e0c15170e Jerry
  5. I hope I got the correct link https://www.getsysteminfo.com/index.php C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\GetSystemInfo_ARK1MGJ75Z4_Owner_07_31_2015_13_55_59 Jerry
  6. I have KIS 15 on my PC with W7 64 bit. On my laptop I had another AV, which encountered problems and I decided to take it off and install KIS. It is cheaper to buy 1 that will install on 3 machines. I had a lot of problems removing BDIS and had to go back and restore from 2011. I finally was able to remove BDIS, and used several uninstall tools. However, KIS will not install because "The selected folderor drive already contains files. The application cannot be installed to a folder that contains other data, because this data can become unavailable after Self Defense is enabled." I do not have a clue as to what that folder is. I ran the Kaspersky Remover Tool but it did not detect any Kaspersky installation. I was able to install Avira free OK. I chose KIS and BD because of the SAFE MONEY type protection. I do not think Avira has such, and would like to use KIS if I can, but so far no luck. Thanks for any help. Jerry
  7. I once had KIS on my laptop, but now cannot load it. I suspect I need a KIS removal tool, but cannot find it. Help? Thanks, Jerry
  8. I figured as much, but I cannot seem to find how to do it. Thanks, Jerry
  9. I put in a new activation code which I thought would not be "activated" until my current code expired in about 45 days. However, being in the slow group I evidently made some error and it activated now, negating the approx 45 days I had left. Is there a way to get the time back? Thanks, Jerry
  10. I liked that feature to speed up scans, but I cannot find it in KIS 2014 which I just installed. Are the advanced settings no more? Thanks, Jerry
  11. Hi Rich, At this time 2014 seems to be too buggy, and I want to keep 2013. Thanks, Jerry
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