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  1. Thanks for the response, how about the end users? does KSMG have this option? i mean users can view, delete, deliver, whitelist, blocklist? Thanks! :cb_punk:
  2. block port 9666 on your KES firewall. Notify us the result. :cb_punk:
  3. Hi Kasperky Fans and Gurus! Does Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway have a functionality that would allow the mail administrator or the end user to receive notification on his quarantined e-mail which was tagged as spam and that the said user would be able to view or release the said spam mail provided that it was a false positive just like a personal email manager (PEM) in other antispam solutions? Thank in advance! :cb_punk:
  4. thanks, I already opened a ticket in the company account. We will just wait for the result of the escalation. BR
  5. Hi, thanks for the info. could we get a quick reply from Devs. This will be the deciding factor if our client will renew kaspersky a thousand of its client is currently using Mozilla thunderbird. BR,
  6. Hi Konstantin, Any update from the devs? Thank you. :cb_punk:
  7. See link to download the requested logs. GSI logs: http://www.megafileupload.com/jxQY/GetSyst...15_09_40_32.zip Windows logs: http://www.megafileupload.com/jxQZ/WindowsEventLogs.rar TY,
  8. Hi, Could you try this link. http://www.megafileupload.com/b9ch/Kaspersky_Lab.rar TIA
  9. Please see screenshot attached and link where to download the requested trace log. https://mega.nz/#!Yx5ixaIQ!zgImaMWS...VONu4oXk8EB95kc TIA, /wicked
  10. I belieive pop3 and imap traffic is supported by KES10 mail AV. I would like to know on how can our KES10 inspect or scan thunderbird emails? Thank you. :cb_punk:
  11. Using KES and Thunderbird 45.1.1. After installing the later version of Thunderbird, I sent a lot of emails to this workstation, around 50+ new email was sent and emails was received but KES is not inspecting those email emails I sent. Mail AV still shows zero. rebooted the workstation and send another email but still no luck. Did I miss something on KES or Thunderbird configurations? see screenshot for reference. Thanks.. :cb_punk:
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