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  1. Well, that makes me feel better then. Thank you, Oleg! That was an excellent explanation.
  2. I already keep the Indexing Service disabled, and "Log all reports" is likewise unchecked.
  3. I just installed SysInternals' FileMon, and was browsing through the results (out of curiosity). It seems like about 50-60% of the file activity on my system has to do with one file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal\5.0\Reports\RptMng.rept It seems like every eight seconds or so, kavsvc.exe reads and writes to RptMng.rept about fifty times. I don't ever view the reports, so unless they're used internally, I'd like to turn off the reporting feature. Not that my system is struggling or anything, but it seems so messy, and I have that moderate level of obsessive-compulsive disorder that many geeks seem to share. Ya know? Any comments about what KAV is doing here?
  4. I'm beginning to see why people are excited about 6.0! The floppy seeks appear to have stopped on their own. Go figure. I guess OSes need some time to sort things out after a major installation... Alright. I'll go away and be quiet for a while now. Thanks for all your answers, Don.
  5. 1. Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. 4. OK, I'll just wait for 6.0 to launch before I start messing with that. Very few programs can handle FUS with any kind of competence, so I can't really fault KAV for not being bug-free in that respect. Incidentally: Question 6! During periods of activity (opening a program, etc) KAV (I think) keeps accessing my floppy drive, which is annoying because my floppy drive is (1) loud and (2) empty. Can I tell KAV to ignore it completely? I tried adding A:/ to the exclusion list, but that didn't help. If you think it isn't KAV, do you know of a way to check what it is that's suddenly trying to access the A: drive? A sysinternals utility, maybe?
  6. 1. If I rightclick the KAV icon, I get the KAV version. If I right-click KAH, I get the KAH version. I'm looking for the suite version. Or is the suite version number pretty much irrelevent? 2. Thanks! 3. Thanks! 4. When I make a change in KAV, it seems to make that change for all users on this machine, even when they're logged in. (This is fine and good.) On the other hand, when I make a change in KAH, is seems to make that change only for me, not for other users (even "launch the security system when the operating system starts"!). 5. Heck, sounds like the release itself isn't that far away. Thanks!
  7. I have Kaspersky Suite. I like it. I work for a small computer store, and I we recommend Kaspersky as our preferred antivirus. We sell several a month. People are happy with it. In short: you guys rock. Thank you. And now, since I just began using it personally, I have a few questions. 1. How do I tell what version of the suite I have? 2. Is 5.0.385 the most recent AV version for the suite, or is there a way to get a newer version? (I see many comments about 388, 390, and 391.) Is the version of KAV included in the suite different in any way from the standard version, or could I actually just download and install updates for standalone KAV? 3. Is it correct that there is one instance of kav and kavpf for each user, and one instance of kavsvc for the machine? Are there any known issues with fast user switching? 4. Which settings are per user, and which are per machine? 5. Is there an ETA for version 2006, or not?
  8. Essentially, what I want to know is how much it would cost to switch our elementary school to Kaspersky from Norton. We have about a dozen networked XP machines on a Samba-administrated network. The only functionality we need is the Anti-Virus, not Anti-Spam/Anti-Hacker. Our Fedora Core servers don't need any Kaspersky software, unless it would be easier if they did. What license should we use?
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