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  1. [Previous: 'External USB Drives Still Not Recognized???'] W7 32bit. I have backed up using Windows backup to external USB hard drives for years. However recently I got 0x81000037with the unintelligible MIcrosoft Help so I thought I would try Kaspersky Total Security's. Full Kaspersky scan all Ok. But then I got "The specified folder is not a storage for files compatible with the application". Where do I go from here?
  2. I don't know INC# in pvt but I have created a Request to Technical Support. Maybe you can find it under Activation & Licensing issues. My request number is INC000005281141.
  3. I am between a rock and a hard place! I can't get into technical support because my activation code is invalid. As far I can see Kaspersky has recently outsourced its subscription management to Digital River. It is probably they who have caused the 'Subscription expired' notice in red to appear at the bottom of Kaspersky's little 'Update the database' notices I keep getting. For reference this is the email I got on 6 October: We’re pleased to tell you that your Kaspersky Total Security – Multi Device subscription has been automatically renewed. Your award-winning Kaspersky Lab protection has been extended for another subscription term and no further action is required. Thank you once again for choosing Kaspersky Lab. The following is a summary of your order. Please keep this email as your proof of purchase. Your credit or debit card ending in ************7536 has been charged £44.99. Please note, the charge will show DRI*kaspersky.co.uk as the merchant for this purchase. Order Details:: Order Date: 06 October 2015 Order Number: 15496000400 Original Order Number: 10088148760 Order Total (incl VAT): £44.99 Quite a lot of money...
  4. Thank you KAgentRivo and richbuff. This is obviously quite serious. Maybe it would be better to have this conversion private - you have my email address. I don't feel that there is anything wrong with my Kaspersky system. It keeps telling me at bottom right of my screen to update my data base but that my licence is invalid so I am in the system somewhere. Think Digital River; have they lost or corrupted my record?
  5. 1. "Do not use proxy server" unchecked. 2. (No "Save" option that I can see). 3. Still unable to run. 4. Support portal opened. 5. Original 2014 Activation Code has expired so I cannot continue. There may be the later one somewhere in C:\\Program Files\Kaspersky ? Is there a 'Help, About' option like other Windows programs?
  6. On October 6 2015 I renewed my Kaspersky Total Security subscription: confirmatory email, credit account debited, protection enabled. Then on 24 October 2015 I got 'Cannot verify correspondence of databases to the end user license agreement... Protection is disabled. I am not allowed to 'update the databases'. Something about black list of keys? Help - what do I do now to re-enable my protection?
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