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  1. SVM Deployment issue

    Dear Ivan, The Security center version : 10.4.343 The vCenter version : 5.5.0 The Kaspersky security for virtualization light agent and SVM version: 4 There was a 10.3.407 security center with light agent and SVM 3.4 in the environment. I decided to upgrade whole kaspersky products, but i was unable to remove 10.3.407 machine. So i've installed Kaspesky security center 10.4.343 on a new VM and deleted KSVLA 3.4 SVM. After i tried to install KSVLA 4 SVM i got above errors in Deployment wizard. I also tried to install KSVLA 3.4 SVM through previous console but same error happened. After all this i figured that something between KSC and vCenter connection is wrong, so i decided to deploy OVF template manually via vSphere client and reconfigure it through kaspersky console. The SVM deployed successfully but in Reconfiguration wizard of KSC, default password of the SVM is needed and i did not find the default password anywhere. Would you please give me the password first and a clue about cause of the situation next? Best Regards
  2. Hi, I've tried to deploy Kaspersky virtualization for light agent 4 SVM on vcenter 5.5 via KSC 10.4 but got below error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. ---> System.IO.IOException: Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream. The attached file is full log of deployment failure. So would you please take a look at this and give me a lead about the cause of issue? P.S: Does anyone knows the default username and password of the SVM for ESXi OVF template? KasperskyDeploymentWizard.log
  3. Thank you, Unfortunately we can not upgrade all of the servers to latest version at this time. But i already have done some tests about this issue in another environment with 10.4.343 versions and the result is the same. Do you have any idea about possible solutions?
  4. Hello, All of them are 10.3.407 version
  5. Dear Ivan, Thank you for response, According to the attached screenshot, i can not do what you suggested.
  6. Dear Kaspersky support, Hello, I have a slave security center and i wanna distribute a task (send message to user) from master console to all of the managed computers except one specific group which should not receive the message. But there is no exclusion section in task properties in slave server. Is there any way that i can manage this issue?
  7. Light Agent Installation [Solved]

    Thank you so much. The problem solved! :bravo:
  8. Light Agent Installation [Solved]

    Hi Dear, I wanna install Light Agent for the first time on my Virtual Machines. I also tried out to install both of old and new versions but, unfortunately those didn't work. Thanks.
  9. Light Agent Installation [Solved]

    Hi dear, Thank you for replying. I have taken GSI reports as you said from my two Virtual Machines. The download links are in below: http://s9.picofile.com/d/8291264726/3f5e4a...17_16_36_54.zip http://s8.picofile.com/d/8291264650/9cb358...17_16_27_11.zip Sincerely.
  10. Hi guys, I wanna try out to install Light Agent for my virtual desktop (VD) through K.S.C 10.3.407 remotely. Unfortunately, I've faced to below fatal error during installation: " Remote installation completed with error on client computer: Fatal error during installation. (You must restart your virtual machine before proceeding with the installation.) " All the below actions have been implemented for solving this error, but the error is still remaining: 1. Restarting the VD and Installing K.S.L.V.A 3.4.44 (New Version) Light Agent manually. 2. Restarting the VD and Installing K.S.L.V.A 3.4.44 (New Version) Light Agent through K.S.C 10.3.407 remotely. 3. Restarting the VD and Installing K.S.L.V.A 3.2 (Old Version) Light Agent manually. 4. Restarting the VD and Installing K.S.L.V.A 3.2 (Old Version)Light Agent through K.S.C 10.3.407 remotely. 5. Deleting all remaining files in temp and %temp% paths. My VD Properties: - OS: Microsoft Windows 10 - RAM: 6 GB I'm so enthusiast to solve this critical problem and want your help to. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello guys, I've 2 KSC 10 consoles in 2 separated networks, which network " A " has fully functional internet connection and the related KSC 10 server downloads updates without error and the KSC 10 srver in network " B " does not have any internet connection for non of the computers ( including KSC 10 Server ). So i have to copy update folder from first KSC 10 server to the other server. Somethimes i get various errors while updating KSC 10 in network " B " which is pointed to a flash memory that contains update files from KSC 10 in network " A ". My question is that is this way recommended and healthy? Why i get some signature errors often? Thank you
  12. Thank you for reply When i disabled Web Antivirus and Main Antivirus both, the problem solved. But i cannot keep them disabled for security matters.
  13. Hi guys, We are using KSC 10.3.407 and KES 10.2.5 in our network. When one of the KES clients tries to connect to a vCenter server via vSphere client, the server is unavailable for him. But when he Exit's the KES on the windows it works perfectly. beside that all of the other clients whom uses the vSphere client are in same group with the mentioned client. So what do you think about the situation here? P.S: we already tried other KES versions on the client but did not worked.
  14. Ransom Ware Issue

    Hi, I am using KSC 10.2.434 and some of my computers got infected with a kind of ransomware that encrypts my data to .locky files. I am aware that all of security products from all publishers are unable to fully detect or disinfect ransomwares but i am wonder that how can i get rid of the virus to prevent infecting other computers? I've uploaded a sample of encrypted files on attachments. To be able to open the file please remove .txt from file name to get a .rar archive. Password is K@spersky135. Please Help Me. Infectedfile.rar.txt
  15. Hi guys, I am using KSC 10.0.434 and KES 10.2.535 over my network. I am wondered that does kaspersky completely prevents my clients to get infected by Crtyptolockers? Is there any instructions that i should use and check to prevent infection?