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  1. I normally only have my desktop on for a couple hours at a time at max (I always shut down after use). Yesterday, I was running a full scan, and when I was going through my scan logs, I had a lot of cancelled root kit scans. Some of them claimed to have been going for 7 hours or 2 days or some absurd amount of time. What is going on? Is Kaspersky aborting the scans when I shutdown only two later restart them and cancel them again (upon the next shutdown)? Is there anyway to do a manual root kit scan? (In case anyone was wondering, the full scan was clean; however, it did get stuck at 1% for 40 minutes before jumping to 20%)
  2. But sometimes Kaspersky let's it run and other times it asks me to allow/block. It is not the case that 100% of the time it asks allow now or block now. If anyone else could explain to me what is going on, that would be great too.
  3. No offense, but I cannot understand anything you are trying to say. Your English is way off, so your statement is illegible. Can you please review your statement. Thanks!
  4. But why did it start asking this all of a sudden? I have played the Sims 4 on my laptop before and never got the message.
  5. I have noticed recently that Kasperky is giving me messages stating "Origin run by a program with restrictions is attempting to receive audio stream" whenever I try to run the Sims 4. (I don't have any other Origin-based games, and I don't recall this happening before a couple days ago). What is going on? I did a full-scan last night and there was nothing.
  6. The only thing carried over in the reinstall was the license information. I used default settings before and after. I did a Microsoft Security Scanner scan just to make sure nothing fishy was going on, and it came out clean. Your guess seems to be more accurate. I'll bring it up with tech support once I have some free time.
  7. You are misunderstanding my situation. My settings have always had those on. A month ago, Kaspersky full scanned scanned ~1.5 million files. Yesterday and today it scanned ~620,000 files. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and did another scan. It did ^`620,000 files again. I am wondering, what is causing the discrepancy?
  8. I normally run a full scan every other week. Normally, it scans over 1 million files. It always takes something around an hour and a half Yesterday, I did my first full scan in 21 days. Yesterday, it scanned about 5-600,000 files (and took an hour and 26 minutes) Today, I did another. It scanned 629,787 files (and took an hour and 23 minutes). The amount of time it takes has stayed the same, but the number of files counted is different. I have not changed any Kaspersky settings. Any clue what is going on? Thanks
  9. So is there anything I should do, or should I presume it is gone (since MSS and MBAM couldn't find it)?
  10. Kaspersky just found AdWare.Win32.AdWrapper.db in Installer[1].exe, oddly in the C:\Documents and Settings\Deven\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\NetCache\Content.IE5\ECVD6FS\, which is odd since Win 8.1 does not have a Documents and Settings folder. I had Kaspersky remove it. I ran MBAM and Microsoft Safety Scanner, which both say I am clean.
  11. Last week, I upgraded the program from 15.something to 16.something My setting is to start protection from start-up, but I always notice variable amount of time after start-up, I get a popup saying protection enabled. Isn't protection supposed to enable right at start? What is going on?
  12. I uninstalled and reinstalled Kaspersky. I logged into My Kaspersky to get my license key I put it in, now I am having difficulty getting my desktop to re-appear in my list of devices on My Kaspersky. Can someone help? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I am I was wondering, how do I update my Kaspersky software to the latest version? Thanks
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