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  1. ForYouAreCrunchy, Did you ever get around to publishing your very smart utility? Would like to receive a copy. Cheers
  2. We have been issued with pf fix (pf3030) to install on all client machines. I currently have it loaded on 5 machines within our network and all others have been rebooted/or had Kaspersky app stopped/started. So now we will need to wait a few weeks or three to see if the issue stops on the 5 I have it loaded on and continues on the rest. Once I am at that stage and all looks well I will load pf3030 on the remaining machines. It may work asking Kaspersky for this pf fix as long as they believe you have exactly the same issue that I have.
  3. Due to having an issue with Update tasks I would like to see the results pie chart display the results accordingly. When highlighting the Update Task in the 'Task' tab within a group in the KSC Administrator console, the pie chart shows a full circle of green and the result shows 'Completed on x devices'. However, if you then click the 'View Results' link it then shows you that the Update has in fact not been successful on all devices. Instead you can see some devices show 'Not all components were updated: KLAVA'. If not all components were updated successfully on a client machine then you would expect both the pie chart and the completed message to reflect this (red or yellow entry for the affected devices for example), rather then show it as 'complete' and successful (as identified by the green colour). Thanks. DC
  4. Many thanks Kirill. The company that support us with Kaspersky here in the UK (Arrow ECS Global Support) have a ticket open with Kaspersky UK and they say that they are not aware that anyone else in Kaspersky is looking at the issue. Can you please advise Kaspersky UK on the current state of the issue. Many thanks. We will monitor and reboot PC's as necessary until we here further.
  5. GuiltySpark, I am still awaiting further information from Kaspersky. I do not have a fix at present. As well as a reboot of the PC you can also remotely stop and start the Application from within the properties of the machine in the Administration Console (KSC)
  6. Correct. 'Automatically generated account' is the account that runs the task. This is the same account used as the update tasks for all other branches (they each have their own Update task). On a branch that has client PC's still with the issue of earlier today I have set the task to run as the Domain Administrator and it still fails. Many thanks.
  7. As per martinez99 I can confirm that as well as a PC reboot, I can also go into the properties of an affected PC in the KSC, select 'Applications', right-click 'Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 2 for Windows' and select 'Stop'. Wait for it to stop and then right-click and 'Start'. Once started I can run the update task again and it completes successfully!
  8. OK. So I have checked this morning and across all branches I have a total of 41 machines now reporting this same error. All 41 machines are none of the previous 18 machines that were affected at the end of last week (all of which have since been rebooted and are updating correctly). So why does the task show completed successfully! I am about to pull GSI reports from a couple of different OS version machines and will post them here.
  9. I currently have no clients to pull a GSI from as I have had them all rebooted. I have a list of all PC's that were affected this time, to see if it happens on those clients again (as I expect this to happen again in the coming weeks). For the time being one of those that was affected I have booted into safe mode, ran the kavremover tool twice, rebooted, uninstalled the net agent, cleared out the registry of any other entries, ensured there are no Kaspersky files located anywhere on the hard drive. I have then modified the agent installer and changed the FQDN of the server with its IP address. I have also downloaded a new copy of the client KAV distribution package, added the latest virus defs to it and then pushed the updated net agent and new installation package to it. It will be interesting to see if this one fails again in the future. I am expecting some to fail within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Can the update task show that some clients have failed to update all components rather than just be green and show as 'completed', as this suggests all is well, when it is not. I will get GSI's as and when I find further failures.
  10. So, I wonder if anyone else is having this issue with the very latest version of KSC/KAV 10! Environment: 1 central Admin Server running Kaspersky Security Centre 10.4.343 Windows PC's running over multiple branches (Windows 7 x32/ x64 and Windows 10) all running Net Agent 10.4.343 and KAV Updates are downloaded directly from Kaspersky via the management server and saved to a shared folder on the management server. Each branch has it's own Kaspersky group and its own Kaspersky task to update the clients from the centralised shared network folder. After moving to the latest version after approx. 7 days PC's across the branches started to get the 'not all components were updated' error message. This is only flagged up if you actually view the results of the task. The pie chart for the task shows green (to me that equals all is well), but after clicking 'view results' you can then start to see some machines erroring. This isn't flagged up at a higher level until the no. of days you have set the flag to alert when databases are no longer up to date! Personally if a machine is not able to update correctly I believe the pie chart for the task should be alerting you to the fact rather than showing green and reporting 'Completed'. So I have Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 machines starting to error. Its not all machines, but a random number at each branch, all with the same error. So I contacted our support company here in the UK and tried the things that Kaspersky had advised them to do (delete admin download tasks, clear out download repository for updates, re-setup server tasks, re-download updates, recreate update tasks for PC's, retry update), still same error. Then disable self protect in the policy, delete the contents of the KLAVA folder in the ProgramData folder on an affected machine, re-enable self protect in the policy and retry the update. This caused a different 'not all components' error! Finally they want me to uninstall KAV from each affected machines and re-install!?! I would have been happy to do this on machines that have had older versions of KAV installed on them in the past to see if it fixed the issue, but some of these machines affected are brand new Windows 10 machines that have only had this one version of Kaspersky pushed to them from new. Why should the app be uninstalled and reinstalled. That is not a fix for me...its not practical. :dash1: Then as I had access to several of the machines (at least one x32 W7, x64 W7 and a W10 machine), I just rebooted them all. As soon as I had done this the next time the task ran the KLAVA error went away!!! WTF...a reboot fixed it! :cb_punk: So move on a few weeks and its starting again and yet again a reboot of the PC fixes it. Does this mean I am going to have to enable some group policy to force machines to be rebooted at least once every week or two? Picture attached from the console. Thanks.
  11. Sorry. Another request, although a very small one. In the templates for the web control. The variable called %complain_email% I'd like it to be %request_email% or at least give control over the word that actually appears in the message to the employee. Most of our employees are not comfortable with complaining. :rolleyes:
  12. Request for email notification from Kaspersky when updates are available. If you are looking to upgrade your Kaspersky KSC/KAV environment it can be very difficult to locate the latest installs and currently available patch fixes. It would be nice to have some sort of notification available so that the end users are aware of updates. I am currently running the very latest versions of KSC and KAV however I am awaiting SP2 due to some outstanding bugs that I know have been fixed in this SP2 release, but I currently have to keep checking the web site to see if they have been released yet as the beta test has now finished and complete. Thanks.
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