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  1. how KSC triggered incurable object

    don't have any objects in quarantine for both KES and KSC. thanks
  2. how KSC triggered incurable object

    Below is one of the client machine number incurable object found :147. However, in the client machine KES 10 -> unprocessed setting is empty. This is not like what you advice previously. Please explain more details on my scenario below. Thanks. vr (2-22-2018 3-57-38 PM).pdf
  3. how KSC triggered incurable object

    we need to know how & when KSC can triggered this incurable object? is related to system version and software? 10.4.343.0a
  4. we found that few client PC triggered value for incurable object from KSC. (under properties client machine -> protection). we need to know how & when KSC can triggered incurable object? we have collected sample virus from that PC and tried simulate it at office PC, but failed to simulate. all sample virus test only refresh in value at 'viruses found'. password: password ToolbarRemover.zip
  5. unknown publisher for standalone package

    we will create the case to kaspersky. thanks
  6. unknown publisher for standalone package

    ksc version 10.4.343 Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows ( only standalone package show as unknown publisher. please advice
  7. hi sir/madam, we create the standalone package from ksc, setup.exe. we tried open it and it show unknown publisher. why it show unknown publisher as we generate it through the ksc. if we install it use normal package (either download from support website or from KSC) , it can show kaspersky lab publisher. any workaround for make standalone package publisher is kaspersky lab? please advice. unknown.jfif
  8. sorry, can't. user have a lot of machine already perform FDE. Thanks
  9. Hi support, we has found the Dell laptop 3480 taking long time to loading back OS ( 5-15 mins) from hibernate mode . This problem occur after we apply the Kaspersky encryption policy . This is only happening on hibernate mode and no issue on laptop boot up or sleep mode. Below are the tested scenarios and find out . Dell 3480 – Resume OS with normal speed from hibernate mode. Dell 3480 with Kaspersky AV - Resume OS with normal speed from hibernate mode. Dell 3480 with Kaspersky AV and encryption – Taking long time ( 5 – 15 mins) from hibernate mode. KES Any advice.
  10. type license required MSSQL for KSC

    Hi Ivan, Price very big different if go for core. Server (DB)+ 1 CAL (KSC server) or server (DB) + 10 000 CAL? or Core? Thanks
  11. type license required MSSQL for KSC

    you not answer my question. I know ksc need the mssql database server. Now we asking about the type of license MSSQL need for KSC, either go to server + cal or core. please advice thanks
  12. Hi everyone, KSC managed up to 10,000 client machines. Current we need to know what type of license MSSQL need purchase for KSC. MSSQL 2016 have 2 types of license, SERVER + CAL and Core. Actually client machines are not connected to SQL, only KSC server connected to SQL server. in this case, can we purchase only Server + CAL (depend how many KSC server)? Please advice. Thanks TERence