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  1. I add SurveillancePlugin.exe in Trusted application and it seems to work even if there is not explication on the difference behaviour on some computers.
  2. Same problem by adding IE to the trusted application...
  3. No there is no wireshark log. I don't have time now to perform this operation. Do you have any idea to help us ? Thank you
  4. I have trace (50 Mo) following this scenario: 1/ All modules enabled, problem occurs 2/ Disable IM/Maill/Web module, problem didn't occurs
  5. Two computer have the same problem. With another computer, there is no problem. Website is always in trusted URL. If only Internet antivirus is disabled, the problem occurs. If only IM antivirus is disabled, the problem occurs. If only Email antivirus is disabled, the problem occurs. If both Internet, IM et Email antivirus are disabled, there is no problem.
  6. Hi, We have some issue with a specific computer (WIN10 - 64 bits). We use KES MR2. When we access to synology surveillance station software with Internet Explorer (https://www.synology.com/en-global/surveillance/), live view with camera is showing "Disconnected". When I disabled IM antivirus, Internet antivirus and email antivirus, the camera is displayed. If one of IM antivirus, Internet antivirus or email antivirus is enabled, "disconnected" is displayed. This problem occurs only in one computer so it's not a strategy issue. Please we need an urgent solution. Thank you
  7. Yes, we are trying the latest version. How can I see if the console plugin is installed ?
  8. Sorry, I read the wrong article. We follow this process: - Install windows 10 - Install KES mr2 via KSC - Uninstall KES mr2 - Downgrade to windows 8 - Can't install KES mr2 We don't use encryption module.
  9. Hi, I can't install Kapersky Endpoint Security MR2 on a computer via KSC (Last version patch D) and last agent version patch D. The error is: Terminée avec une erreur L'installation distante a échoué sur l'hôte : Une erreur fatale s'est produite durant l'installation. (Erreur 1920.Erreur lors du lancement du service Kaspersky Seamless Update Service (avpsus). Votre ordinateur est peut-être infecté. Pour remédier à cette infection, cliquez sur le lien http://support.kaspersky.com/11309]] et suivez les instructions.) An error ended With The remote install failed on the host: A fatal error Occurred During installation. (Error 1920.Error when Launch Kaspersky Seamless Update Service Service ( avpsus ) . Is Your Computer May Be Infected . To remedy this infection , click on the link http://support.kaspersky.com/11309 ] ] and follow the instructions. ) The PC is not infected and the error occured after downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 8. We already run kavremover before installing on the PC. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I want to block internet for some program with KSC10 and KES MR2. In my firewall settings, I don't have any application. Could you help me ? Thank you
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