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  1. wow! So you should support Beta and Nightly. like Download Managers do. i can't switch to final release.
  2. Hello, i use KIS 2019 in Windows 10 Pro. and my browser is Firefox Nightly, and one of my extensions is "Save Page WE" that save HTML pages with contents(img, css, js) files in just one file, and i use it for saving pages always. but i had problem with it. more times that i save pages couldn't save more of main images. i test it in a fresh profile without any extensions, but problem not fixed. i contact the extension' s developer, he says there is not the problem for me. but finally i decide to disable Kaspersky. i did and problem fixed! i guess maybe it is due to Adblocking & Privacy component of KIS. i disabled just them. the problem fixed for many pages. but now even though those are disabled still the problem is existing. now i disabled all KIS protection, and now i can save the page with all images with "Save Page WE". for example this page: http://fitlife.tv/how-to-make-your-own-lattes-with-coconut-oil_original/ Please fix the problem for saving HTML pages with the Firefox and "Save Page WE". Thanks.
  3. Hi, using KIS&KTS firewall is not easy and perfect. for example is hard to find a program in list and then block it to internet. we can't choose a exe file. block an address or ip. now, i'm using free program for it. please make possible. now i tried Kaspersky Total Security. it's option for file shredding and privacy cleaning is not enough. Please make noted features more customizable and easier using. Thankfully.
  4. Hi, Please make next versions of Kaspersky Internet Security 32bit, and 64bit for 64bit systems. because performance of 64bit programs is more.
  5. Hi, i don't know why my Firefox can't redirect just the "zurl.ir" urls. for example: http://zurl.ir/lwIuW first, i got help than Firefox help: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1029305 but problem didn't fix. maybe reason is KIS. i disabled and exit KIS 2015 and disabled all KAV extensions in FF. but not. and when i change property of plugins and restart, they are activated auto. Does KIS prevent zurl.ir redirecting in Firefox? everyone is using KIS and Firefox please test.
  6. Hello, Why Kaspersky 's adds for Firefox doesn't support Firefox Beta and Aurora ?? please do support. and add-ons for Firefox have problem. please see: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1048722
  7. Hi, i always use last version of Kaspersky I S and update database every month. its full detection except in Malware. why? every few months my system sully by malware and ad programs. and what i do? i install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware . it is full and up to date detection against malware and helps me. i expect Kaspersky more, about Malwares. i said this requst to Kaspersky team one time before. and now i am requesting again. Please improve and boost Anti-Malware detection. Thanks.
  8. i did few times and then restart PC. but restore not work. i am using last version of KIS2013.
  9. Hi, i changed my Firewall Packet Rules thus: How i can restore to default state? if no possible please post a screenshot of default state. Thanks.
  10. i have another one question. Virus scanning speed depends on which hardware part? HardDisk speed or CPU speed ?
  11. Hi, i have 2GB RAM on my PC and my Windows is 8 x32. i can install x64 Windows on my PC. Does KIS2013 work faster in x64? is there difference in KIS performance in x32 and x64 ?
  12. Hi, Does PURE contains Anti-Malware ? i am using KIS 2012 and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my PC. but Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program is not fast and uses memory high. and i like install fewer programs in my PC as possible. i think maybe Kaspersky PURE protects system against Anti-Malware also. Does PURE contain Anti-Malware ?
  13. Hi. I use Kaspersky Internet Security for 3 years. Kaspersky is best but doesn't protect totally. i sometimes have to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for windows cleaning. Why Kaspersky Internet Security doesn't clean Malware?
  14. I used KLUpdater and now i has downloaded 97 mb temporary files. when (how much MB) is completed? I just marked "". I use 32bit Windows. why KLUpdater is downloading 64bit files in this folder: (KLUpdater\Temp\temporaryFolder\bases\av\kdb\x64) now size of this folder is 41 mb. nowadays i tried several antiviruses. non of them was fast and smooth as Kaspersky. one of them that was complimented much i tried, it was low size and virus definitions was low size and it was suitable for me, but has one important problem, it knows(caption) many of my files such as virus file :laugh3: , without any reason because i had use them without any problem. i hope Kaspersky improves update service. i hope Kaspersky never boycott any country.
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