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  1. Here the screenshot PS: I've get same result without SEP installed.
  2. Sorry but it didn't work. Now to provide the GSI log do I have to restore image or just run GSI?
  3. Yes, for the server someone has preferred a differente solution, but it's not the first time i perform an upgrade of KSC. I'll uninstall it and retry the upgrade: if the problem persist i'll provide the GSI log. Anyway i'll inform about the result. Thanks.
  4. Thanks! For now i'll restore the image to have a KSC running. PS: i've to kill setup with taskmanager cause is still up doing nothing.
  5. I've save the section of event regarding the upgrade (still running doing nothing) KasperskyUpd.rar Now I've ask the setup to abort: it will take a while.... maybe I've to use taskmanager (edit: previuos file was incomplete)
  6. As I told the setup seems to be running, but with a use of CPU equal to zero I'm not sure. The only option is to abort setup: if I use it I've to restore an image because KSC stop working. Cannot access to the server till monday morning.
  7. It seems that setup is no longer proceding: CPU usage at zero but there is something more on the log: see INC000005019547 (file was too large for forum)
  8. Here the log files Actually the setup/upgrade is waiting for me to press ok on the error: do i have to proceed? temp.rar
  9. Ok, I've got the error once again. Do I you prefer that i open a ticket for support? Where can I found the log you need? %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\2 or c:\windows\temp ?
  10. The logon user that i use to perform install/upgrade is a domain admin. I'll proceed with a new trial: mind a couple of hours to get response Thanks for now.
  11. O.S. Windows 2008 Server Standard w/Sp2 KSC 10.1.249 Trying to upgrade to latest version using ksc10.2.434it.exe (downloaded two days ago). I've restored a system image of two days ago becuase the KSC stop work, so i can replicate the step and then send the log. So before i proceed if there is any suggestion to do a better job it's welcome.
  12. I've try both upgrade and installation (with previous uninstall & reboot). I cannot setup a new server with fresh OS
  13. Hello, i've had the same problem and i've use the KB11987 to solve it. Now i've a different problem:
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